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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: arch mounting. nylon threads?
« on: 21:30, Thu 12 April 2012 »
great tip ash. thanks! :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / arch mounting. nylon threads?
« on: 21:48, Wed 11 April 2012 »
I've struggled to mount one of my rear arches properly as some bolts were missing.
I've learned that the bolts and nuts are no longer made.

I've read that nylon threads and nuts is the most popular fix. by glueing bolt on the arch. wouldn't this make it extremely fragile? as the original bolts are screwed into the arch I would suppose that the arch could fall of easily if you were to drive at a bumpy road etc.

Your cars / Re: My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 02:44, Sat 07 April 2012 »
The car is slowly getting there..  Last week I dismantled the dashboard and removed the broken matrix, changed the heater matrix and sorted my heating issues out. So now the car get's hot inside aswell. The dashboard was extremely hard to dismantle and even harder to re-install. It is not perfect yet as some clips needs to be changed.

What is left is to replace the left drive shaft (PM me if you got this part) and figure out why the front indicators do not work (relay, wiring loom etc) I also need to fix my acc. cable as I've described here in the tech section. Bonnet cable will also be changed (I believe this part is different in EU cars vs UK cars in lenght so I can't buy it from england. But luckily it was confirmed in stock in france by my local renault dealer. I am also waiting for a set of 4 x EBC turbogroove
discs and green stuff brake pads.

I will try get an MOT soon, and hopefully get some plates. The car has been standing still since 2004 due to the past owners lack of time.

I WISH TO THANK CGB MOTORSPORT AND GT TURBO SPARES! Without those guys, my GTE wouldn't be running at all..

Some pics from the last weeks:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Renault 5 accelerator cable
« on: 02:23, Sat 07 April 2012 »
Sorry, here are some pictures.

As you can see the support/reverse-spring for the cable is also gone, which results in pretty wobbly reponse when releasing the pedal.

Your cars / Re: Painted ! My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 15:42, Thu 16 February 2012 »
Hey guys, a lot of things have been done lately

Painted my new OEM GTT frontbumper, grill and second hand arches.

* Spies Hecker water based base coat
* Monopol 2K clear coat
* Devilbiss Finishline HVLP spray gun 1,3 mm tip
* 50L compressor 3 HP Air: 270l/min
* 900W infrared heater
* 2000W fan-heater

My new spray gun. Devilbiss Finishline HVLP

My clearcoat 2k & thinner

My new 50l 3HP compressor.

2kw fan, this was essential as I was painting in the basement and weather outside was -10 celcius. during drying proccess the room peaked around 30 degrees celcius.

Grill etc. before first layer of paint.

2x air filters serial mounted.

Parts painted with basecoat and 2x clear coat

Advanced drying process  :lol:

Your cars / Re: Painted ! My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 07:31, Fri 13 January 2012 »
Quote from: "davidbuttigieg"
Quote from: "NorwegianGTE"
Changed spark plugs, ignition cables and exhaust the other day now the car is only firing 3 cylinders. Really don't know why  :cry: Owning a french car isn't easy I assume.

Remove the plugs and check their gap

Sorted it out yesterday! :) cables on sylinder 2 and 3 were opposite  :lol: no wonder why it didn't fire. Checked my heynes book but didn't find any information of the positioning. But found this helpfull site. Volvo 480 uses b18ft engine :) ... 11&t=19032

the picture above has 4 connections to the spark plugs at

11 o clock to avoid confusion this is the shortest plug cable and runs to the closest plug to the distributor plug D
1 o clock this is the second shortest lead and runs to plug C
5 o clock this is the longest lead and runs to plug A
7 o clock this is second longest lead and runs to plug B

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Renault 5 accelerator cable
« on: 10:52, Mon 09 January 2012 »
Hi Guys, I need to sort out something that has been a problem for a while.

Right after I bougth my R5 GTE it got to my knowledge that the accelerator cable was not fastened properly. It was fastened with some cable ties, the result was that when the pedal/wire was under stress it disconnected from the throttle body. It seems to me it should be fastened/locked by a c-clip or something like that. Does anyone have a picture of how the cable is attached the throttle body? I bought a repair set on ebay but it only included the cable. I do not have a GTT but a GTE but I know for a fact that they use the same accelerator cable.


Your cars / Re: Painted ! My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 09:09, Mon 09 January 2012 »
Changed spark plugs, ignition cables and exhaust the other day now the car is only firing 3 cylinders. Really don't know why  :cry: Owning a french car isn't easy I assume.

I've test fitted the new wheels too, and they look GOOD!  :mrgreen:

Removed some rust too..

Your cars / Re: Painted ! My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 15:04, Wed 14 December 2011 »
Ordered some new wheels today!

4 alloys = 230
4 tires = 130

total 360  :)

These alloys

Photoshopped them on a random white GTT

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: bad boy bonnet?
« on: 01:18, Sun 04 December 2011 »
Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
Don't do it, its such an old look now and spoils the look of any car now.

I use to have one on my old 5, wish i nmever done it now but then it was the in thing at the time
I totally agree. it used to be the right mod but that was back in the ali g days in my opinion. by keeping the car most oem you will be easier off selling it someday. :)

Your cars / Re: Painted ! My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 09:38, Fri 02 December 2011 »
I have bought alot of spares from GT Turbo Spares lately. Great service and great products. Also been buying alot from CGB, great service there as always!

I bought all side indicators in white earlier together with new headlamps, but now I'm actually thinking of buying a set of orange ones instad as that would be more OEM style and to me the white ones looks a bit dull however it gives the car a more modern charm. Not easy  :|

Rliaklev: Cool! Then I'm not alone in this country. Though my car is not a turbo  :cry:
One question, where do you buy original parts? I've tried to order something at Billia, but they told me the parts and numbers were out of date.   :? I was first told that they didn't have 5 in their segment. But after looking myself it was named supercinq in their parts catalogue.

Your cars / Re: Painted ! My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 21:05, Thu 24 November 2011 »
Hi Mate  :)  It costed me 250  :mrgreen:

Your cars / Re: My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 14:17, Thu 24 November 2011 »
Picked up the car last night and was stunned by the result! Looks mint!


Painted and finished

Your cars / Re: My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 20:19, Wed 09 November 2011 »
Only respraying the rear panel :) so will be same colour. I've ordered a new grill so headlamp wipers will be history  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: engine cooling fan motor relay + el question
« on: 11:33, Mon 07 November 2011 »

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