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Spotted / Was It You? / R5GTT on Top Gear 30.06.2013
« on: 15:42, Mon 01 July 2013 »
There was a tungsten gray Renault 5 GT Turbo in mint condition on last nights Top Gear episode. The premiere of season 20.

Scene was about the new hot hatch's Clio RS 200, Fiesta ST and 208 GTi. But when introducing the scene, Jeremy did it in front of three hatchbacks from the 80s.

Anyone here been the previous owner or owns it?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Renault 5 door pins
« on: 20:02, Wed 17 April 2013 »
Quote from: "Nrg"
There the ones you want bud. If you look yours have rubber grommets on the ends of the pins. ;)

Ah, I see!  :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Renault 5 door pins
« on: 01:29, Wed 17 April 2013 »
Quote from: "Ash-Lee"

The Torx pins will clearly have a head on them.

Hi Ash-Lee! Yeah you are probably right, but can't really say that I find the brass insert on the picture match 100% with this but it's probably correct.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Renault 5 door pins
« on: 22:30, Tue 16 April 2013 »
After a looong winter it's some renault 5 time again, and first thing I want to look at is my drivers doors which clearly needs some new door pins. BUT which type is it? I bought a repair set with torx type last year and they seem wrong I think.

This car is a january/february 1988 model and I read that the later models had torx.  :?


Your cars / Re: Norwegian Ph1 R5 GTT project
« on: 19:06, Wed 06 March 2013 »
What can I say? That looks really good. Can't imagine how many hours spent?!

Veldig bra!  :mrgreen:

General Chat / Re: Merry Christmas everyone :)
« on: 15:27, Tue 25 December 2012 »
Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone!

By the way: Nice pics!  :lol:

Your cars / Re: My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 02:39, Tue 20 November 2012 »
Thanks! ^^

One MOT failure was "No warning-triangle sign on board" was the R5 even delivered with one?

The other failures will be sorted asap.
Car will be running on tarmac by 1/1 2013.   :D

Your cars / Re: My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 02:01, Fri 19 October 2012 »
Long time no see!

This is how my 5 look like these days:

Your cars / Re: My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 10:43, Mon 18 June 2012 »
June has been a great month so far project wise. The car has new front left driveshaft, new pads & disc in front (ebc turbogroove + green stuff), new tank unit sender and fuel filter.

Some pics. Notice how bad my pads were.

Nice tip. Appreciate it :) Thanks

Thanks James.

I found the relay behind the carpet behind the fusebox. It looks different than the GTT relay I've seen in various online shops. After a few knocks on it my pump fired up and the car is now running smooth.  :mrgreen:

My car will not start at the moment.

When I turn on the ignition I'm not hearing any sound from the fuel pump. Like I used to do.
Is the pump next to the petrolfilter the one that makes the sound or the in tank fuel sender?

And I found out, I didn't have any fuel pump relay? I have an injection model so probably they are delivered without a fuel pump relay? If you look at the picture is the fuel pump relay supposed to be where I'm missing a relay?


General Chat / 5 GTT Black Gloss Exterior Trim
« on: 10:09, Tue 24 April 2012 »
I just wonder if anybody could have some photots of a 5 GTT with bumper and mirror-foot trim in black gloss?  The plastic gets pretty worn out trough the years and a popular fix is to paint the whole mirror-foot the same colour as the mirror housing. And since it's originally black matte.. I think it could look cool to paint them in a satin gloss finish.  :mrgreen:

It's a quite popular option for most BMWs. it's called hochglanz schwarz trim.

Around the windows:

General Chat / Re: vin decoder factory options?
« on: 19:10, Sun 15 April 2012 »
some gtts have sunroof, central locks, alarm and electric windows? so
they have to be factory options? and some had those 2 plastic vents in the luggage booth.

they werent modified by the dealership? or were they?

General Chat / vin decoder factory options?
« on: 23:55, Sat 14 April 2012 »

I tried to do a forum search on this subject with no success.

Has anyone visited a renault dealer and got a list with original factory options?

I work for a bmw dealer and I daily connect to the bmw asap system. a dealer portal where I in seconds get factory options by submitting the 7 last digits of the
11 vin numbers. this 7 digit system has existed since the end of the 70s I believe. IMPRESSIVE. information includes production
date, colour, interior colour, interior upholstery. type of stereo, what kind of windows, alloy wheels, etc.

I talked with a now defunct renault dealer last year but they said i.e bmw was light years ahead. and there was no information available. but I really don't believe that.

In the US there are firms that specializes in retrieving information for cash. But that is american cars such as ford, gm etc

Anyone? :)

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