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Your cars / Re: cliogtt from madeira island
« on: 21:58, Sat 30 March 2013 »

I had to move back to the turbo, the exhaust AR64 was too big for the 1.4 compression lowered, did not over 1.2/1.3 bar, and did not give the shot, looked a potent atmospheric, did a lot of rotation,  which had power at high rpm, was not how I like, I was searching the net and realized I had to have a lower exhaust AR, so after much searching found an ideal turbo, a T25 R33 GTR the Nissan Skiline with an AR48 of escape, so I changed the exhaust housing, the AR64 by AR48 ,after testing, the difference was brutal, much more explosive in less rotation, and with a power up to the redline, the already shot a turbo car, is now in point

Your cars / Re: cliogtt from madeira island
« on: 10:59, Sat 28 July 2012 »
After feeling pressure losses on the turbo, it felt to hold, was the time to pull out and see what was going on, to see the pictures of the problem, this time on ebay, had a bid for a t28, he came by 200 pounds, a rebuilt turbo whit 0KM ... 1439.l2649

With a 15km done and no problems, and did the assembly work and adapting,The sensations and performance, to get the exhaust was louder in low noise type and pulling atmospheric sound (more something different), from the 4500/5000 the noise becomes pure thunder, there was no whistle, at least in the car. the turbo still a bit stuck, I think with the shooting will come off more, so also tested it to 1.1bar, the pressure was not going to give because the pitch was after mounting the actuator, as I tuned the actuator to give more pressure, so not tested. The main diferece I felt, was the engine doing 7000rpm without effort and want to go there, with the other he was to go turbo so the 6500rpm.

Your cars / Re: cliogtt from madeira island
« on: 20:37, Fri 21 October 2011 »
It was a time set-up, which should have been the first, missed the apathy, but now had to be at the last autocross weakness radiator began to leak and a small temperature increase, the arrangement could a new radiator in China, I opted for an independent oil cooler as the water source as well, already tested, pulling the temperature goes much lower than walking and better engine performance.

The water cooler made ??in China, very good quality, fucionalidade and 100% aluminum (the source was in plastic boxes), 3 mm wider on each Rows for higher capacity.

The oil cooler, made ??in China to, quality and Reasonably fucionalidade better than the source Necromancer

Here we have everything in place, the adaptation of the pipes of oil was my authorship and the entire assembly.

Your cars / Re: cliogtt from madeira island
« on: 21:07, Thu 06 October 2011 »
An update to the topic with some pics taken by a friend in the last  Autocross 2 in San Vicente

Your cars / Re: cliogtt from madeira island
« on: 17:28, Fri 19 August 2011 »
New wheels 8)

Your cars / Re: cliogtt from madeira island
« on: 18:51, Fri 04 March 2011 »
An update to the topic, the Ciogtt never walked so well in health, no longer have a headache already gone a few years, now sometimes goes to 1.8 bar constant and not says nothing, had it for some 14 rims while not legalize the 15, the Police in Madeira pass 250 euros on measures not registered in the booklet, plus the Renault Portugal now to 195/50/15 declaration for 35 euros, so I did not have to deal with this apathy.
In Last weekend he walked into a AutoCross gave tire to spend.
Here's some pictures taken by a friend.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Without venturi carburetor
« on: 12:56, Sat 25 December 2010 »
I have a pressure gauge AFR, plus probe lamb in damage, I gona try a new one as fast as possible to see how good is the mix. the car does not do knock, I have also low compression engine, run between 1.4bar to 1.8bar and also walk with 4 degrees of advance in ignition.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Without venturi carburetor
« on: 14:10, Fri 24 December 2010 »
Hi, y buy a Carb on ebay, the seller say is a Group A on the sell, but.
When I got the carb, I had to see it to him and saw that he had not have venturi, I noticed the air corretor jet is 0.9, the main jet is 150 or above, i complained to the seller because of the carb venturi and he has  said:
(hi mate sorry i dont know the jet sizes all i know is that i spent a lot of money making the car race spec and i paid 100 pounds for the work on the carb to go faster hope this helps thanks luke
 - superman4010)

Today I mounted the carb on my car, before I've walked with a group A carburetor, this acquisition was to resell, the more I decided to test the engine worked beautifully, very stable relanti point, I felt more power in the media spin 2000/4000 RPM, good top end too, if anyone here know to be good to walk without venturi, it will be good for the engine, a carburetor do you guys think like this.

A picture of him

Events/Shows/Cruises / Madeira 2010 Pics
« on: 08:56, Mon 16 August 2010 »
Plus a Conviviality the Renault Owners enters well last.
I leave photos you scheme of them that they will appear.

Your cars / Re: cliogtt from madeira island
« on: 14:27, Tue 01 December 2009 »

Your cars / Re: cliogtt from madeira island
« on: 00:28, Tue 01 December 2009 »
Hi, to more lower the temperature of inlet in mine cliogtt, I put to intercooler frontal of double capacity in the zone of the grate, goes to together work with the ChargeCooler home made. It was an easy adaptation to make, I only had that to put more 2 Hoses of 90 and 2 pipes of inox direct  with reduction, are this the filter of air also moved of position, went down more a little, more being in a zone that not catch much heat. When it will have time, gona to make tests with one ternometer to see the temperatures that are to leave in direction to the carburetor.
I leave photos to appreciate.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:32, Tue 22 September 2009 »
Quote from: "5teve L"
Idle jet may need a clean.
Are you sure you replaced all the gaskets correctly with the right ones ?

I put the gaskets corretly
Where is the Idle jet.


Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:26, Tue 22 September 2009 »
I am Portuguese, therefore Ingles half deficient that I write.
The pipes of vacuum to AEI are good, I only changed the old gaskets for a new kit, and relanti was sufficiently steady and the screw of mixture left to make effect, squeeze and relief and it do not make nothing, have manometer AFR and the mixture in relanti you the always poor one, before when opening the screw of the mixture was very soon rich and now it does not make nothing, is poor always.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Carb problem
« on: 11:58, Tue 22 September 2009 »
Hello, I have a problem in mine carb, it are good, I had for a new kit of reconstruction. only that now the right carburetor not work in relanti, and the screw of Co2 does not make effect, in relanti the rotation of the engine assists between the 800 and 1400rpm, and when the car you in one uphill, capsized for top, the fixed rotation is nasd 1900rpm, in soil it starts to balance between the 800 and 1400rpm and the times goes below the engine. before reconstrui it to it with the new kit, it are good, this was after mounting the new kit, already I disassembled new it of seeing if some missed thing are, more you all the certain new leveio e of and you the equal one. what tink that can the problem, one helps please.

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