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General Chat / Re: r5 monaco
« on: 15:52, Wed 24 October 2012 »
Sure thing.
Pop around anytime  :)  Don't worry about the dog, he's as soft as shite once he gets to know you  :wink:

General Chat / Re: r5 monaco
« on: 21:10, Tue 23 October 2012 »
Shit! no way!  :D
 I was down the Red Lion and yours came up in conversation. I was told it was bought for 600 by one of the lads from Stag Hill motors.
 Thought it was too bloody cheap! stunning nick  8)
As I say,although they are the same block, the Volvo turbo is very different. An engine change would be the way forward, but yours is far too nice to bugger up! I'm off to Ash's at the weekend to pick up some bits,to get the F7P tha'ts down the side of the house fitted over the winter....

General Chat / Re: r5 monaco
« on: 23:40, Mon 22 October 2012 »
is it a 1.4 or 1.7?

Don't want to disappoint you, but they fetch about a third of the price of a Turbo.Though with that low mileage, it's quite a special one.

I paid 150 quid for my 1.7 donor and my next door but one neighbor, paid 600 for his near concourse one.( Jammy sod!)  :D

About the only thing the Volvo 480 Turbo shares with the 1.7 na Renault lump, is the block.

General Chat / Re: has anybody seen this
« on: 23:32, Mon 22 October 2012 »
Yep, still alive according to the DVLA. just had a years tax put on it  :wink:

Date of Liability   01 10 2013
Date of First Registration   15 04 1989
Year of Manufacture   1989
Cylinder Capacity (cc)   1397cc
CO2 Emissions   Not Available
Fuel Type   PETROL
Export Marker   N
Vehicle Status   SORN Not Due
Vehicle Colour   BLACK
Vehicle Type Approval   Not Available
Vehicle Excise Duty rate for vehicle
6 Months Rate   74.25
12 Months Rate   135.00

Going through the search and stumbled on this.
Wonder if the one of a kind owner ever got around to fitting the Lambo doors to his motor?  :D

General Chat / Re: 66k white r5 on ebay
« on: 07:16, Tue 28 August 2012 »
Hmm, I'm the same. Mk1 escorts,Mk2 escorts,cortinas,granadas,capris..
 The real 2 standouts I got shot of for peanuts were a MK2, RS 2000 with  a factory Ford X pack bodykit (chopped in in for an Astra GTE and gave the bugger cash his way  :( ) And a Mk3 Cortina 2litre GT in black, that I scrapped for 25 when the engine died.....

General Chat / Re: Whats the widest wheels i can have?
« on: 20:03, Mon 02 July 2012 »
If you get over to retrorides forum, you'll find stacks of people who have stretch tyres and there is  quite a few who band steels. They'd love the 480!

General Chat / Re: Whats the widest wheels i can have?
« on: 23:33, Sun 01 July 2012 »
you could probably stretch 185's on an 8 ok.

Your cars / Re: my car r5campus
« on: 07:30, Fri 08 June 2012 »
Thats looking spot on  :)
What do those big wheels and tyres do to the handling?

If they burst under full chat, then you know they're moody ones  :D

General Chat / Re: how much???
« on: 12:02, Thu 07 June 2012 »
Should be worth a couple of hundred quid.
I sold my engine (condition unknown) for 50 and have just bought 2 F7P lumps for a ton.

Newbies / Re: hi guys
« on: 06:42, Fri 01 June 2012 »
How do fella

Newbies / Re: Renault 5 campus rat!
« on: 17:58, Wed 30 May 2012 »
Are they cut Springs? Only ask as mine had been 'lowered' when I got it and the top of the springs flopped about like you'd never believe as they didn't sit in the top cup properly.
Lovin the whole look of the car btw  :D

Suprised at the transmission. Can a Renault 11 gearbox cope with that kind of power?

« on: 21:30, Mon 21 May 2012 »
Try Tom, at Simply Automotive in Sussex. He often has a few shells. :wink:

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