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Your cars / Re: R5 RSi from Hungary
« on: 21:21, Thu 13 October 2011 »
Quote from: "bigman"
sounds good nice to see a hungarian joined the forum my dads hungarian he's called zoltan and we've got relations in budapest were about you live in hungary mate?

Nathan gyimesi

Budapest, I'm not, I live a little farther. I like the forum and there are many things here, I do not know what the Forum that ...  :wink: And there are more tuning parts as well, although I was not very ordered.  :roll:

Your cars / Re: R5 RSi from Hungary
« on: 11:24, Sun 09 October 2011 »
Thanks! You'll figure it out yet. will be the only factory-painted or flocked :wink:

Could be the engine refurbishment, engine tuning should only be a little more to do! :)  I have manifold extensions and increases fuel pressure I thought! Any ideas yet? :roll:

Your cars / Re: R5 RSi from Hungary
« on: 22:03, Fri 07 October 2011 »
Thanks guys! :)
Right now, I stand before a painting, and then when it comes to engine restoration. Then the installation and the first start! :D

Then the interior, but a couple of weeks, maybe months :oops:

Clio 16v dashboard fits without any modification? Or must be manipulated? :?  :wink:

Hi! :)  Got a question for the Clio 16V instrument panel goes on without any modification to R5?
Must be manipulated or bracket, screws? :?
Because I've seen here in the forums, but I do not know anyone! :(

Thanks in advance! :wink:

Your cars / R5 RSi from Hungary
« on: 16:31, Fri 07 October 2011 »
Hi! I'm from Hungary
I am building a 1.4-R5 from a 1.8 8v Rsi car, that I present to you!
I can not really apologize for errors in English!

I'm trying to get to write several times, and many pictures to accompany the building!
Elfogdom criticism even ask you for your help!

Here is some pictures:

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