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Your cars / Re: arctic white gt
« on: 22:36, Fri 02 September 2011 »
2 stands on the jacking points and the jack on the subframe for extra support

Your cars / Re: arctic white gt
« on: 22:22, Fri 02 September 2011 »
i had to change a drive shaft today so loads of piccies

Your cars / Re: Old Blue.
« on: 20:53, Fri 02 September 2011 »
my heater is nackerd too i dunno if its just a realy or what?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: gearbox oil
« on: 18:19, Fri 02 September 2011 »
what grade oil does the G/box take

General Chat / Re: Trying to buy from CGB
« on: 13:58, Fri 02 September 2011 »
i ordered a S/h driveshaft on wednsday and it arrived to day in the republic of ireland! not even an irish company can do that

General Chat / Re: Trying to buy from CGB
« on: 19:58, Thu 01 September 2011 »
i'm in ireland and bob in cgb has been more than helpfull with advice and parts always packed well and as described and quick too!

short emails but if you think of the amount of people they must be talking to every day!

they get a thumbs up from me

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Drilling holes in front bumper
« on: 16:21, Tue 30 August 2011 »
Quote from: "DeanGT5"
in sure there 50mm ish

i like that -ish bit!

just a thought measure how wide the cooler is and then divide it by 3.5 so you can get 3 holes evenly spaced and maximum flow!

General Chat / Re: James5
« on: 21:28, Thu 25 August 2011 »
jesus too many crashes this week

2 mates were killed early tuesday morning.

hope your ok james

Your cars / Re: arctic white gt
« on: 20:49, Sat 20 August 2011 »
i'll be at heatwave tomorrow if your coming down!

what has the head nackerd denty

Your cars / Re: arctic white gt
« on: 21:50, Fri 19 August 2011 »
pm me an offer mate i've the rear gt tuning brace as well.

Your cars / Re: arctic white gt
« on: 21:32, Fri 19 August 2011 »
thats what it is :) t28r i'm toying with building an engine and go for a t28 sized vnt

Your cars / Re: arctic white gt
« on: 18:43, Fri 19 August 2011 »
just a few pic from today of some of the wiring!

My god the mess of the wiring is boggling.:mad)  i've spent since friday pulling useless dead end cabling (most of it speaker cable being used to power all maner of devices) i'm getting there though! :D

today mackey came down with a grinder so i could finish fitting the shortshifter and we tightend up the linkage in general,
so no more guessing as to what gear its in!:happy)

also found out my timex water gauge is a little shagged! within 4 minutes of the car running it was up to 140 degrees(wtf:

the splitters came off it eventually so i thought i would take another picture for ye! the mirrors will be coming off it at some stage too for the standard items.

@baz82 yeah westward are going to give it a run to check it but that will have to wait till after the DOE

Tomorrow i shall make a start on wiring up the radio and properly wire up the gauges and try to figure out where the goon cut the feed for the dipped headlights (and used that feed for the gauges)

nice and neat now. just the radio, central locking and leccy window there now!

random pictures!

i dont want to guess but if it has the spec i was told (i doubt it) it could be anywhere between 180 - 250 bhp.

today i decide to take the intercooler out of the engine bay. i thought i would need some pipework made up but i had all i needed there (i just had to cut a bit off the pipe work.

well here is the end result

shot of the tubby what does the ar stamped on it mean

my oil cap has decided it wants to leak!

and the interior a little cleaner looking i might try and dye the seats back red as there is a bit of sun damage

Your cars / Re: Old Blue.
« on: 02:17, Thu 18 August 2011 »
Quote from: "denty225"
Thanks, but fek me that's alot for a bolt!

bob at cgb is a legend he's been helping me out and answering my stupid questions. and in fairness if you think 4 is steep, renault ireland want 38 plus the vat for a door check strap.

so cgb the whole way for me

Your cars / Re: My New Raider
« on: 17:41, Wed 17 August 2011 »
i have first refusal on it  :o

Your cars / Re: My New Raider
« on: 16:58, Wed 17 August 2011 »
hey man would you sell your old bonnet???? PLEASE

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