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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Part ID
« on: 19:02, Tue 21 June 2011 »
what is the round cylinder type device with foam around it that sits behind the carb on the bulkhaed?,It has a pipe going from it into the anti perc fan and 1 going to the induction pipe and whats its purpose,

also what is the 2 pin brass sensor on the side (passenger) of the carb for?.

could any of these cause my car to eratically idle from stalling to constant 1500rpm,the revs seem to hold high for a few seconds before dropping???

HELP please!


General Chat / helluvaday!!!
« on: 20:59, Sun 19 June 2011 »

As you've probably guessed by all the wanteds i've put up i'm having trouble with my 5...long story short i've been having trouble with high HC's and also bad idling and crap brakes,all of which have now been traced back to a leaking brake servo cockin up the emissions and making the pedal crap.
Yesterday i  bought a used 1 as i bought a seal kit from renault that looked seriously alien,i mean i'll tackle most things but DAMN!!!,
came to fit it today thinking how hard can it be...4 nuts to secure...2 for the master cylinder and a pin for the pedal...easy i wrong was i!,2 nuts for the master cylinder but the pipes wont let it come far enough away to move the servo,fair enough i'll undo the brake pipes....cant do that without moving anti perc pipework,then theres the matter of how it comes out of the engine bay...the bottom by removing the shaft or the way i did it,from the top as follows :evil:
1.remove water/vac/boost hoses from carb
2.remove carb from manifold
3.remove inlet manifold
4.curse at he chronic backache as a result of stages 1-3
5.deep breath and carry on removing the servo from engine bay
6.curse more shoutin "i always win you b**tard" at the car in reverse from stages 5-1 enduring even more backache.
8.bleed brakes and take time to relax your back lying on the scabby bit of carpet that every 5 owner should have
9.start up and marvel while grinning cheshire cat like at the firm pedal and perfect idle
10 return to your home while having a quick glance back from your front door thinking "i love that car"

Anyway you may well be thinking what a load of pointles rambling (probably true) but i thought i'd share it with you all anyway.

Yours...sat at home with a brew :wink:


Renault 5 GT Turbo / servo help
« on: 21:56, Fri 10 June 2011 »
it appears that i have air leaking from around the rod that goes from the brake pedal to the servo on the bulkhead inside the car???

Is there any fix for this like a seal kit,i've read in haynes that there is an air filter type thing in there but my manual covers all so i'm not sure if it relates to the turbo

please shed some light for me peeps


Renault 5 GT Turbo / fueling help
« on: 19:44, Wed 08 June 2011 »
had my car on Co machine today,

results are

Co at idle 0.23
Hc at idle 937

tried to adjust mixture using the screw on the side of the carb,when i riched it up the Co's stayed the same but Hc's went through the roof.reduced mixture and Hc's came down but Co stayed the same

ideas on why this is happening and what should i do to fix it?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / clues please
« on: 23:49, Fri 03 June 2011 »
I have had my car off the road for about 2 weeks now to rebuild the bottom end,car built back up today but wont start,i have an immobiliser linked to an alarm,the fob activates all the electrics(they still work) and the immob cuts starter and pump(they are dead),its starts by running a live from pump and bumping it  but how can my car just pack up just by being sat,where should i be looking?


Your cars / my old skool 80's r5 turbo
« on: 10:26, Wed 25 May 2011 »
Hey all

Did a deal with my diesel saxo with this a few weeks back and i love it,guy i got it off was 50+ which will probably explain the styling,i'd like to put it back to standard lookin but i just cant bring myself to do it,
I suppose its cos when i were growin up this is how a modded 5 looked LOL!!

Theres quite an extensive spec list for the engine which is a bonus,

anyway let me know what you guys think :)



Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil pump help
« on: 13:34, Mon 23 May 2011 »
has an aftermarket oil pump ever been made or has it only ever been a repair kit,i've located a new oil pump through my local supplier,are the 5 turbo 1's different pressure ect?


Newbies / back to 5gtt'dom!!!
« on: 20:19, Mon 09 May 2011 »
Hi folks

Come back to r5 owning after brief stints with all things jap and i'm glad i did LOL,I've owned 3 grey examples and now this red number,we do have another fast renault in the family home but its not quite as rough and ready as the 5.
I hope to be posting on here as well as going to meets and shows too.
I will start a topic about the car soon but its only in early stages so don't be too cruel LOL


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