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Events/Shows/Cruises / Re: Trax
« on: 11:33, Thu 04 August 2011 »
I'll be going to trax
I might take the R5 but i dont think its quick enough for the track :(
plus its not really track ready atm, as its pretty much completely standard inc boost
might be a little embarrassing getting beaten by standard clio's and xr2i's :(

but we'll see on the day its gonna be an Eeny, meeny, miny, moe between the rs1800 and R5

Links / Just came accross this little site
« on: 23:38, Fri 29 July 2011 »

so it seems theres just over 500 renault 5 gt turbos on the road (taxed) and 910sorn
damn those people who buy these to break (but thanks for breaking them so i can buy bits to keep my one running)

here for an overview of the renault 5's looks like the campus models are also getting rare

sorry if im abit slow again i searched for this before posting :P

Site/Forum/Computers / Typos on the sites content
« on: 20:59, Fri 29 July 2011 »
Hi Web Admins

I had a look to see if this topic already existed but alas i couldn't find it,
I am by no means a grammar or spelling freak but i thought it might be a good idea to have a topic where people can point out typos and other oddities on the site (which is good and informative i might add) or reword sections to improve the site further,

anywho there is a couple of area's on the maintenance page which could do with a spruce,

capital B on boost on line

"two reasons either the Boost has been"

some instances of the word turbo start with a capital T and some lower case?

no content for

>>> How to fit a Dump Valve  
also its a dead link,

some funky wording at the bottom on the clutch topic

"wear your clutch cable of wear your clutch."

i was thinking something like

"Try not to rest your foot on the clutch pedal as this could stretch the clutch cable or wear the thrust bearing"

these are just my suggestions other people may have a better suggestion or this topic may be closed and deleted for ever ;)

please don't think oh hes just being picky and has nothing better to do,
this is the site/forum improvement section


i like the site and its always my first stop for R5 turbo info

(typos in the forum don't count i make loads of these and there is probably a few in my text above :P )

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Rear Wiper Blanking plug??
« on: 17:02, Fri 29 July 2011 »
thanks for your suggestions guys,

i will take a look down the scrappy tomorrow see what renaults are down there,

and yes halfords selection boxes are over prices especially when you only want 1 fitting from the box or 50 or so,

i'll report back with my findings :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Rear Wiper Blanking plug??
« on: 22:06, Mon 25 July 2011 »
Hi Guys and gals

So i want to remove the rear wiper and blank it off,

i dont use it, the arm is going rusty and its a tiny bit of unnecessary weight,
i removed the wiper on my rs1800 fez and popped down the breakers yard to grabbed a steel blanking plug from a low spec fez job done, did any of the low spec R5's come without a rear wiper or does anyone know of another renault which came without rear wiper but a blanking plug in place which would fit the R5, i could get a plate welded in he boot filled and resprayed but i might want to put the motor back on if i sell sell sell

anyone here done this?
how did you go about it


as suggested i just went to my local hardware store and got

2 x m6x50mm
2x m6x40mm
2x m6x30mm

washers and copper ease and job done =]

renaults price

15 (shipped in from france)

hardware store



Spotted / Was It You? / Re: 5 turbo on drive way
« on: 09:07, Sat 18 June 2011 »
haha xr turbo

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Choke
« on: 20:05, Mon 30 May 2011 »
Quote from: "Jermaine1162"
Is the choke open with the leaver up or down on the carb?

do you not have a choke indicate light on your dash?

Quote from: "fishead"
m6 1.00, ive got the lengths written down somewhere

the only imperial stuff is oil related, otherwise entire car is metric

Hey fishead,
Are you sure its a metric thread for the water pump to head bolts?, they are quite a fine thread,
id really appreciated the lengths so i can go and get some hardened ones,

as i take bits of the car apart i have noticed there is a selection of metric nuts bolts and treads, but damn them torx fitment bolts, i can take my other card (rs1800 fiesta) apart with just a 10 and 13mm spanner haha

but yeah Renault sell these nuts for a couple of quid each which is a little excessive  (i know main dealers generally are but generally nuts and bolts are usually priced reasonably)

Spotted / Was It You? / 5 turbo on drive way
« on: 10:05, Mon 30 May 2011 »
oh wait its mine  :lol:

found a water pump for 50boys

renault wanted 76 just for the pump + x amount for the rear housing

this has both side ... 0170680601

so now i just need to get some bolts any idea what the thread size is?
im guessing something like

7/32 unc x 2"
7/32 unc X 1.5"?

anyone know?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: front wheel wobble
« on: 17:41, Sat 28 May 2011 »
Quote from: "fordy"
look through my project thread and check your inner cv diff part,
if its grooved where the rollers run then that'll be causing your wobble

mine had a hole in it but still worn lumpy diff bit will cause the same issue either way

Ive had 4 new tyres and al wheels balanced so when i get on the motor way i'll see if thats sorted it, else i will check out your project thread and check the inner cv diff bit

cheers =]

the bolts are wrecked and i wouldn't dream of re using the remaining bolts, im just glad they sheared at the head and left something sticking out in the block for me to grip hold of to remove the remaining snapped bolt,

Renault can supply replacement they are about 2 + vat a bolt but id rather try and get something a little stronger, but yeah the threads are shocking, the they bolts made of cottage cheese????

on another note im not trying to source a complete replacement pump as a selection of bolts sheared off in the housing to its trash now, im hoping Mike who run the Renault 5 gt spare site can sort me out,

im after a whole bunch of stuff, unfortunately little rex is now off the road with 363 days of MOT haha damnit  i'll pm him

damn renaults

as subject,

water-pump was leaking so decided to replace the gaskets quick 6 fix,
turns out nearly all the bolts sheared on removal, quick fix my ass now i gotta replace the whole unit damnit!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: speedo !!!!!! aaahhhhhhh
« on: 15:07, Sun 15 May 2011 »
Quote from: "owe"
do the blue wires have connectors on them an has one got 2 wires to it? if so thats your dash dimming switch an u need that in place for the dash lights to work. i suppose in theory u cud just bridge them though

thanks, i bridged them with a 5amp fuse before reading this and it worked, spose i need to find a dimmer switch,

speedo still only registers half speed, looks like i need a new speedo wire.

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