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General Chat / Check Events and look at Renault Runners Topic!
« on: 20:08, Mon 23 May 2011 »
Hope people see the advert for Renault Runners in the event section and hopefully they will be a big turn out other clubs and renaults turning up would be good to see some R5s take the day!

Performance French Car are turning up and taking photos and running there R5 Gordini.

Sunday 29th May, at Dynodaze be there!

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while been a bit busy!

Ok guys i'll keep this short and sweet.

Dynodaze in Hinckley are hosting a Renault Runners day and Performance French Car magazine is attending the day and bringing a Renault 5 Gordini along!

The event is on the 29th of May (This Sunday!) At Dynodaze Ltd

The event starts at 9am and food is availible all day long.

Facebook Event page -

Address: Dynodaze Ltd, Hinckley, LE10 3BY

30 for two runs and print outs!

Hope to see a lot of you guys there would be nice to meet some guys of here!


Newbies / Re: Hi all :) from Lincoln
« on: 23:31, Fri 22 April 2011 »
There was a fog light loom left in the boot so will use that to sort some sort of wiring out for it :)

Newbies / Re: Hi all :) from Lincoln
« on: 21:43, Thu 14 April 2011 »
Hey guys sorry for late reply been at work.

Car is great thanks Mark :)

Yeah does look great slammed on its arse but reality is it's to low and bouncey and tends to scrape on the exhaust so will more than likely get it raised at the back.

Only plans for car at the moment is relocate the header tank and relocate air filter to where header tank was can get a head sheild over turbo. Giving off to my much heat and heat-soaking air filter. Also thinking of gettinga perc fan fitted with a fuse within the wiring so kill it if things do start to go tits up :)

Newbies / Hi all :) from Lincoln
« on: 00:53, Sat 09 April 2011 »
Hey everyone totally new to the R5 world and love it :)

Basicly I bought a R5 Monaco with a R5GTT conversion which i believe to be done by Markymark who I hear is pretty much a legend in this world?!  8)

Bought the car off a guy I know in Hinckley and owns Htec Elite Performace.

Loving the car does seem to have a few issues but only came on today maybe due to the crazy hot weather we've had today but hoping a few of you will know the answers and be able to suggest things i can do to improve the car. :)

Little about me I'm 21 live in Lincoln work on Oil and Gas onshore drilling rigs. :)

Thanks for reading cheers!

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