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General Chat / Got a softspot for something besides gt turbos?
« on: 18:41, Thu 07 July 2011 »
Mine's ae86 rollas, Raiders currently off the road as i've been saving for one since i purchased the Raider. gotta love anything classic ford too ofc   :wink:  any softies out there :mrgreen:

General Chat / bms downpipe price
« on: 13:47, Sat 18 June 2011 »
what am i looking to pay?

General Chat / anyone?
« on: 14:45, Tue 31 May 2011 »
Ever heard of anyone dropping a honda b16 engine in a 5? i've seen a k20 renault 5 on youtube which i would of assumed is alot bigger than the b16, had some funky looking mounts saying that

Your cars / Washed her today :)
« on: 17:39, Fri 27 May 2011 »
Gotta love messing with contrast :D

General Chat / Help the noobie
« on: 16:07, Tue 24 May 2011 »
Right bought a 5 not that long ago off some fellow everything went sweet etc and i'm very happy with my purchase. I'm just wondering what i need to do to up the boost a little? it doesn't have a boost adjuster it's set up at actuator arm thing is the man basically said hed set it from 19 psi to 10 psi just because in his own opinion if it's my first 5 then chances are running 19 i'll be running myself into a wall, i was just curious can i just turn it back up or do i need to get the fueling and etc checked? it's been jetted. any help would be very appreciated :)

General Chat / raider wheels
« on: 14:12, Wed 11 May 2011 »
how much do they go for?

General Chat / devil exhausts?
« on: 12:15, Fri 29 April 2011 »
I've seen a video on youtube of a devil exhaust on a 5 and it sounds the shit i just cannot seem to find a website that sells them and the devil website only sells motorbike systems :o whats the dealyo

General Chat / Hot hot weather?
« on: 11:35, Mon 25 April 2011 »
Right so my pops lives on a little island off the coast of saudi called bahrain has done for about 6 years now since he moved from the UK, anyways i've debated heading out over there myself but i was wondering if 5's would be able to stand the heat over there? hits 40c+ most days from what i remember. be mad seeing a 5 raider in the middle east  :twisted:

Your cars / My space raider :D
« on: 13:57, Tue 19 April 2011 »
Yo folks i posted a topic in newbies but thought i'd make a post in this section :D My name's Jay I'm 19 and from the wirral, merseyside! My main interest is cars but i'm currently going to college doing counselling hoping to help children with learning difficulties in school since the lack of support for kids with mental disorders is shocking, not that anyone wants to hear my sob story but my education was destroyed by the lack of support i had in school. Anyywayss i've lived here my whole life and could count the number of 5's i've seen on one hand :( i've always been interested in Renault 5's since about the age of 7 when my friends dad had a mint tungy gtt, anyways after getting shut of my 1.2 heritage i went in search of a gtt, found one in scotland which was a big drive for me, put a deposit down everything and the dude rang me the night before saying his girlfriend had crashed it  (timewaster) :( Then i purchased a Raider off here i think it was owned by killaklownkris but it popped 2 miles down the road from the guys house so i pushed it back round and got my money back, lost my deposit on insurance along with the first time :( anyways i was very putoff 5's by this but still wanted one, i put my clio up for sale with the intentions of getting an oldschool ford but on the part ex i put "raider" and funnily enough 1 day before my advert was set to expire i got a message offering a straight swap on a raider :D so i snapped the guys hand off, i'll post some more pics when i get time as i'm trying to source an underlight trim at the mo as some delinquents have snapped mine off, looking foward to settling into the r5gtt community hope you all welcome me with loving arms :lol:

EDIT: yes that is kermit the frog peepin out the back :P

Newbies / Hello!
« on: 16:11, Wed 13 April 2011 »
Hey folks whatup been browsing the site for a few years now and finally registered, i'm 20 and from the wirral :D Always loved 5's since a young age and finally got one, it took a while though, i first planned to get one up near dundee but the fella text me the night before going up saying his girlfriend had crashed it so that was abit shit. 2nd time round i bought a raider :D it was mint, fella took me out for a spin and everything shook the guys hand and drove off, got about 2 miles and it blew the top rad hose, engine still ran but it was most likely baked as i seen it on pistonheads with a full rebuild 600 pound cheaper :@ i did get my money back though:) Recently bought G567HAB if anyone knows of it :) i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me raise the boost a little? it's running 10psi according to the bloke who sold me it but apparently it's capable of 19. it doesn't have and in car adjuster or that and i don't want to run 19 i was thinking around a bar psi which is 13.5or14.5? could anyone help me out here detailed pictures would be much appreciated :D ~ Jay

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