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General Chat / Just read on meets
« on: 19:54, Thu 01 September 2011 »
A surrey meet of some sort but "2Stu21t - R5 rear cossie engine" caught my eye, is there really a poster on this forums with a cossie engined 5 :D? pics would be nice :twisted:

General Chat / side exits
« on: 13:54, Thu 01 September 2011 »
I've heard a few on youtube and they sound rape, just wondering as i've seen a few on ebay but they seem to have a silencer, does anyone have a side exit without a silencer or are they all like that, i don't want my car to sound too loud i just want that r5 burble sound, i've got a horrid 4inch scorpion on mine and want something else, any suggestions?

General Chat / meets?
« on: 13:12, Wed 31 August 2011 »
Well when i finally get my car on the road again i'd be game for coming to a meet and meeting a few members off the forums, have you guys ever had a forum bbq event? my mates in a corsa b club and a few members off there have met at one of those nature reserves where you can rent a bbq it seemed like a good idea to me :wink: you know you all cravin some burgers next summer

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Question
« on: 17:48, Tue 30 August 2011 »
i asked a while back on here in the diy/problems sub forums but didn't get a reply, anyways i'm in the process of somewhat restoring my car and i've wanted to remove the group a carb as i do plan on putting a standard one back on from all the trouble i've heard group a's give although personally i find my 5 runs spot on although i'm a newbie to all this carb business and 5's in general, can someone tell me what the hell this is in the picture? I've found an article about my actual car dating back to 2005 saying the only mod is a thing that allowed it to run on unleaded  fuel, although it's had a full rebuild since then, is it needed? it's the silver thing with the peeling sticker at the bottom of the pic, carbs looking moldy 8) any help would much be appreciated, mods feel free to move if i'm at fault i'm just searching for an answer :D

will take more pics if needed

General Chat / Engines
« on: 11:27, Tue 30 August 2011 »
Anyone running something n/a aside from an f7r or an f4r engine? Got a c1j lump in my raider which i like but i love throttle bodies and i was debating doing a conversion over time :mrgreen:

General Chat / seatsss
« on: 12:04, Mon 22 August 2011 »
Right i really really wanted a pair of raider seats but they're somewhat rather impossible to find and pricey so i've been debating what other seats i could possibly put in, has anyone ever fitted seats in a 5 that come out of another production car, not bucket seats. I've seen recaro fishnets out of a suzuki ignis sport and i reallllly like them, what are your thoughts peoples :D

General Chat / Do you post on this forum??
« on: 10:56, Thu 11 August 2011 »
found that browsing google last night, think it looks the balls with no spoiler and those ats's :D

General Chat / sills?
« on: 10:49, Wed 10 August 2011 »
anyone know where i can get a pair of outer sills?, original sills have seen better days still in alrite nick in some places considering it's as old as me haha

General Chat / Pretty sure he posts on this forum
« on: 16:04, Mon 25 July 2011 »
You sir are a killer hahahaha :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / wtfisthis:oo
« on: 09:57, Sat 23 July 2011 »
So my perc fans not connected up so i thought i'd remove it, anyways there's an article on my car on some r5 wikipedia sorta page and it say's this "The ONLY under bonnet modification is a little clever device which enables it to run on unleaded fuel without valve seat recession." this was around 75k mile's he's on 83k having a rebuild done touching 80k, i'll have another look through the recipts for the rebuild but i'm pretty sure it's had new valves, springs along with a 275 iirc i'm just wondering if it's still connected what should i do? the pipings hid inside the perc fan housing sort of thing so i don't actually know if it's connected up, i'll take a pic if anyones pickled, i know i am :roll:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil
« on: 12:13, Fri 15 July 2011 »
What's everyone use for their 5's?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil breather pipes
« on: 14:58, Thu 14 July 2011 »
What's the deal with the one running to the telephone hose? can it be removed? pics appreciated  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / ext wastegate
« on: 12:23, Tue 12 July 2011 »
Anyone set one up on a 5? they sell flanges on ebay that go between the manifold and the turbo that you can bolt a wastegate onto, not too sure if it would fit but was just wondering if anyones ever fitted one and what's involved to set it up, thanks :P

Your cars / So...
« on: 21:43, Mon 11 July 2011 »
Took the showcage and the hideous bottle of nos out the back of the raidy today, looking so much more fresh :wink: will upload more pics as i'm popping out to a friends at the mo :) Peace!

General Chat / what
« on: 15:03, Mon 11 July 2011 »
size are silicone boost hoses for 5's? planning on getting an fmic with pipework just wanna get the right size piping

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