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General Chat / trouble starting
« on: 18:50, Mon 20 February 2012 »
Pulled the 5 out of my nans garage to get it ready for mot and had abit of trouble starting it, it's getting fuel and has spark but it seems like it's hesitating, it was fine the last time i started it this is probably a few months ago, carb is dechoked etc i'm guessing maybe it's because it hasn't been ran in a while it IS firing though just not enough to start it, friends suggested checking the dizzy and plugs out and warming them up and trying. Going to give it another go tomorrow what do you guys think?

been searching forums also is there anything electrical i could of knocked that's causing it not to start? if so i'll check in the morning

General Chat / sideskirts
« on: 14:29, Tue 07 February 2012 »
getting my sills done in march pretty simple question makes me feel inadequate but how do the sideskirts come off? do i need to remove my arch trims too? don't want to go manhandling them and snap one :twisted:

General Chat / jets
« on: 11:21, Wed 01 February 2012 »
Currently just getting some welding finished up before i put my car in for mot and get her back on the road, first of all i'd like abit more power, i'm at 10 psi at the moment and don't have a clue what the carbs jetted for ive been told 19 :|, it starts  and runs fine pulls nicely on boost, bogs down a little bit at low rpm if your frisky with the throttle but im guessing that's just carbs, it's totally drivable though. i've also got a shitty group a carb as far as i'm aware, should i just stick at 10 psi till i get a wideband or are there any other ways to get more power without risk of damaging engine? also i don't suppose when i've got it on the road if anyone feels like coming down and giving my 5 a little check over, would be very appreciated and would pay.

General Chat / c1j
« on: 20:11, Wed 18 January 2012 »
how much do they fetch? possibly selling mine to fund a 480 i have a recipt for the rebuild it had etc, was just wondering what they fetch standard or non standard, i was debating leaving my t28 on and selling it with all hoses etc so i get abit more :lol:

General Chat / twin carb
« on: 01:29, Tue 17 January 2012 »
not that i plan on doing it but seen a video on youtube of a gt turbo running 2 carbs, was mad. anyone on here done or heard of that

General Chat / b18ft conversion
« on: 13:32, Mon 16 January 2012 »
I'm planning on getting my 5 back on the road this year and originally wanted to just go with the c1j lump that's in but i don't know if i can be bothered doing the jetting, i've looked at james's guide and it's still confusing as hell i'd consider getting it setup on a rolling road if possible but want someone who knows what they're doing, if someone could give me a brief overview of how carbs work on 5's i'd probably have a better understanding of how jetting etc works. I've also been considering putting a b18ft in so i can just get in the car and not have to worry constantly checking gauges i was wondering though what sort of work is needed on a b18ft to get over 200+ bhp? help would be appreciated ^_^

General Chat / Booost
« on: 11:25, Mon 09 January 2012 »
Right i'm going to be putting my raider back on the road in march as my quotes drop quite alot on the insurance so i'm going to be getting an afr kit and hopefully upping the boost, as far as i'm aware from recipts, i know my cars had a full rebuild but aside from that it's got a kent (i think) 270 cam and a garret t28 which i will most likely be either getting recon'd or exchanging it but what's some big safe boost i can run? i wouldn't mind 20+ what are you guys running?

General Chat / police interceptors series one episode 1, i think
« on: 13:46, Wed 28 December 2011 »
it might be ep 4 though, anyways a white h reg gt turbo gets pulled for talking on his phone, got 3 points and possibly a ban, are you on these forums haha? asking to swap your 5 for a scoobyy you maddd :lol:

General Chat / external wastegates?
« on: 13:59, Tue 29 November 2011 »
What's the deal with them i've heard they're hard to setup? seen adapters on ebay that go between the turbo and mani with a 38mm flange for wastegate, is it just a case of removing your actuator and getting the wastegate penny sealed up or buying a different turbine housing and setting it to fuel based on what psi spring you have? some god like man help :mrgreen:

General Chat / Knocks on your door?
« on: 15:56, Tue 01 November 2011 »
Does anyone else get people knocking on their doors asking/pestering you to sell your 5? My raiders always on the drive sometimes under a cover and if the weathers really bad i park it in my nans garage round the corner, as i was saying though does anyone find this annoying? i wouldn't mind if i had knocks every blue moon but i've had 3 knocks this week, yesterday a 14 year old boy who greeted me with "are you selling your car" i replied with "aint you supposed to be selling me stuff" (they were knocking door to door selling windows) and told him to get a licence before he starts buying cars then he left with his dad and just today some dodgy looking character knocked, i didn't answer i was having a little snoop out my bedroom window, noticed him looking round the car then he walked off got on the phone to someone then looked back once more before he disappeared. it makes me pretty paranoid to be honest..

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fuel pump?
« on: 12:03, Mon 24 October 2011 »
heard alot of talk about phase 1 pumps being the better option over a phase 2? i've got to put some new fuel lines in so i was thinking about changing the pump etc i'm pretty sure i've got an uprated bosch pump of some sort what do you guys think i should do?

General Chat / rear seats
« on: 13:36, Wed 28 September 2011 »
Just got my hands on a set of raider seats, i need the pins that the back seats lock into anyone know where i can get them?

General Chat / fmic
« on: 15:08, Sun 11 September 2011 »
I've wanted a front mount for a while now but i realllly don't want to have to cut my front bumper, i know the forge fmic fits behind the bumper with no or minor cutting involved but has anyone bought a universal one and managed to tuck that behind the bumper?

General Chat / rear seats
« on: 09:53, Tue 06 September 2011 »
What do they lock into? i've just got speakers in the back as my car was stripped in the rear when i got it, do in need like rear door cards?

General Chat / just found a site
« on: 16:23, Sat 03 September 2011 »
whilst googling images of 5 pressure regulators, sell efi manis ... &id_lang=1
they also do a few other bits for 5's like turbo elbows for t25/t28's, i'm still browsing  :lol: looks pricey but moneys money it's supposed to be spent imo 8)

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