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Newbies / Mint Classic
« on: 19:01, Fri 01 April 2011 »
Right, first post on this forum.. or any forum as it stands

basically I've had my 5 since last December now, I was over the moon when I picked up my baby 'cause it's actually mint; as it stands; 62k on the clock, no dents, two minmal rust patches (scuttle panel and a tiny bit on the passenger door sill)
it's not a turbo, simply a campus 1.4 but the interior and shell seems pretty much brand new for a 16 year old car!
 this was it in the winter

sadly its been sat in my garage for a while now, turned over quite frequently and i have a little obsession with the cleaning and polishing

my plans are to keep it as a mint little classic as 5's are my favoruite cars (other than AE86's and the like)

at the moment i want to make a few little changes to it but not sure how to go about them?
my dash.. is it possible to fit a r5 gtt dash (speedo/rev counter etc) in as obviously it seems longer and includes the rev counter which my one doesnt :(

no engine problems or anything atm, only a lose fly wheel which im hopefully getting on this week.. i also have gtt bumpers so they'll be colour coded after i've painted them up again but will they fit standard or am i gonna have to make some adjustments?

i get this is quite a long post but as i say.. first one, i've done bits of car work before but this will be my first lot off my own  back but thought it was about time i showed my car some proper love ;)

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