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General Chat / Re: looking at a gt ?
« on: 18:49, Sun 13 March 2011 »
yer it went well he told a couple of little porkies such as 2 months mot 2 months tax turned out tax till end of march mot till 24th of march but yer see what you mean about the inner wing siliconed together and i ended up buying the turbo he had too 100 miles completed and shes fine puffing plents of bluey oily smoke but will be changing turbo in the morning then put her in for mot and see what it fails on

General Chat / Re: looking at a gt ?
« on: 22:45, Fri 11 March 2011 »
haha it certainly is yer little local meet would be good and im shore it will be i think im going to buy the spare turbo he has for it to but ill give it a dam good going over ever way im comeing home with it haha

General Chat / Re: looking at a gt ?
« on: 18:29, Fri 11 March 2011 »
good stuf yer he said and i may buy his spare turbo for it i think i got a real good price to be honest and had a chat earlier on the phone he sounds like a sound person

General Chat / Re: looking at a gt ?
« on: 17:46, Fri 11 March 2011 »
funny enough mate im in albourne right next to henfiled !

yes that is the one mate do you know any thing at all about it and may i ask what the problem was you helped fix many thanks

General Chat / Re: looking at a gt ?
« on: 12:06, Fri 11 March 2011 »
thanks for that i have printed it off to check all the bits im from sussex and going to portsmouth to get the car takeing a friend that has had a r5 for 7 years its a little chav tastic but plans are to dechav

General Chat / looking at a gt ?
« on: 06:43, Fri 11 March 2011 »
hey all im going to look at a gt turbo on sunday and have never owned one before its a g reg raider what are the main things to look at / for thanks

General Chat / info on my gt5 raider
« on: 20:33, Wed 09 March 2011 »
hey every one i have won this car on ebay and am collecting this weekend its my first r5 turbo any one reconise it know any thing about it etc or genral info when i go to collect this is the one :


Newbies / helllllllllooooooooooooooooo
« on: 20:31, Wed 09 March 2011 »
hi all im new here im 22 23 in a couple of days woop woop im from west sussex and have just bought my first r5 on ebay i will post the link etc in chat soon to see if any one nows any thing about it as im going to look at it and pick it up this weekend

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