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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Top speed
« on: 21:41, Wed 21 November 2012 »
haha james +1 mph for that engine lol

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: removing turbo from r5 gt
« on: 21:40, Wed 21 November 2012 »
Hi Mate
Nope its pretty straight forward,

Remove air filter and intercooler pipe
remove water pipes (stick a bolt in the ends to stop coolant flowing out)
Remove oil feed and oil drain pipe
unbolt downpipe
unbolt turbo (4 bolts)

General Chat / Re: DeanGT5
« on: 13:22, Fri 26 October 2012 »
Cheers guys !!

General Chat / Re: front mount or grille mount
« on: 19:42, Fri 21 September 2012 »
Have a look at my car in "Your cars"

Your cars / Re: My White 1990 GT
« on: 16:55, Sun 02 September 2012 »
Thanks, But no thanks, ill be keeping this one

Your cars / Re: My White 1990 GT
« on: 22:10, Sun 12 August 2012 »
Done a few more bits, paddle clutch fitted. wheels on etc

General Chat / Re: Anyone seen this car.
« on: 21:14, Sun 12 August 2012 »
Jenson - Still got your old white five. looks a little different now

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: copper core radiator
« on: 12:31, Wed 18 July 2012 »
I know Nicks (Nick has the Raider and recently posted pics on here)  dad has just brought an alloy one so he might be seeling his copper core one.

Your cars / Re: My White 1990 GT
« on: 17:36, Sun 13 May 2012 »
Started to fit intercooler, VNT and position K&N, waiting for pipework to be made. slim rad fan fitted, just need to make brackets for rad.

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 21:22, Tue 08 May 2012 »
Im just waiting on my hoses to be made then ill be firing question your way too  :lol:

Your cars / Re: My White 1990 GT
« on: 07:57, Tue 01 May 2012 »
Its all plug and play then just connect the live, earth etc. Theres a three port valve under the bonnet that connects to the actuator, carb etc. Very easy really

Your cars / Re: My White 1990 GT
« on: 21:55, Wed 25 April 2012 »
Managed to get the HKS fitted, think ill change the dask bulbs though as it looks a little christmassy  :lol:

Spotted / Was It You? / Re: Very Clean White GT5 in Rochdale
« on: 19:33, Wed 25 April 2012 »
It could of been me spotted all over the country  :lol: my shitnav was having a day off !!

Was that when I went up?

Your cars / Re: My White 1990 GT
« on: 11:39, Wed 25 April 2012 »
Will do as soon as this rain stops!, waiting on other people at the mo, wheels not back from the blasters (hopefully painted this weekend) turbo shaft being balanced, mate to mock up and make hoses for intercooler and also spacers for calipers.

Yeah I know what you mean, Blame Blunty for starting the facebook page  :lol:

Your cars / Re: My White 1990 GT
« on: 19:53, Mon 23 April 2012 »
Been a while since updating this. Cars in the garage in bits for now having the following done.....

Grill Front mount intercooler, new pipework
Slimline rad fan
VNT turbo
HKS EVC5 boost controller
Innovate oil presure gauge
Prima PL 16" alloys, being sandblasted then painted light graphite
Spax RSX coilovers
Still got the wilwoods to fit so will do them with the coilovers.

will put pics up as parts are done

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