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Your cars / Re: my black r5 gtt !
« on: 17:12, Sat 22 January 2011 »
do you drive this every day then or do you use another car

Your cars / Re: my black r5 gtt !
« on: 13:33, Sat 22 January 2011 »
sorry what i meant was, do you find the car easier to drive with the bbs wheels as they are 16"s or the wheels you had on before which were 15"s by looks of things

Newbies / Re: hello has all
« on: 11:22, Sat 22 January 2011 »
Hello and welcome,

As i said in your thread, thats a nice tidy phase 1 you got there, look forward to seeing progress on car and yeah a visit to england on a show weekend is a good idea

Your cars / Re: my french 5
« on: 11:15, Sat 22 January 2011 »
nice and tidy, liking the wheels on the 5   :)

Your cars / Re: my black r5 gtt !
« on: 22:51, Fri 21 January 2011 »
very impressed with this french beast :-)

how does the car handle on the bbs rims?? coming along to shows over here this year?

Your cars / Re: my new R5 GT Turbo
« on: 19:07, Thu 20 January 2011 »
what suspension you got on there as its sitting sweet like that

Newbies / Hello...
« on: 17:40, Sun 16 January 2011 »
Hello all,

Im Chad from Portsmouth, Came accross this forum at top of my google search. Few days ago i brought a 95' 5 1.4 campus with 50k on clock off my friend for 100 and i am going to carry out a conversion on it (gt turbo for now) and give it a good overhaul over the next year, if you have any tips or advice feel free to them my way....

look forward to gettting to knwo you all on here and checkin out your prized cars :)

- Chadster -

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