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Your cars / Re: Campus Turbo...
« on: 15:56, Sat 19 February 2011 »
finally had couple hours of dry weather so started stripping engine bay down ready for removal of campus engine and arrival of gt turbo lump

the 5 feeling sorry for itself ;)

can anyone tell me what this is please, i found it next to battery

how the front porch looks atm hahah

hopefully tomorrow can make somemore progress on car and get engine out, will keep you posted

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: AEI Unite question
« on: 19:56, Thu 17 February 2011 »
thanks boys for the feedback, i will keep an eye out for a 209 aei unit then

Renault 5 GT Turbo / AEI Unite question
« on: 19:16, Wed 16 February 2011 »
hey all,

just found a AEI Unit on ebay which is a RE208 spec one, is there particular aei units you need or are they all universal fitment. I fitting it to a gt turbo engine  that is going into a campus shell..... any help greatly appreciated

Your cars / Re: MY BABY
« on: 18:26, Fri 11 February 2011 »
cheers mate,

i went to halfords last night and brought meself some nitromorse, the wirebrush attachent, litre of hammerite paint for block, subframe & engine bay.... must of read your mind LoL

Your cars / Re: MY BABY
« on: 20:29, Wed 09 February 2011 »
yea that be spot on cheers mate, gonna do it meself while i wait for bits to arrive thats all

Your cars / Re: MY BABY
« on: 19:59, Wed 09 February 2011 »

how did you go about cleaning up your manifold on page 2??

General Chat / Re: Corsa VXR, can we beat them?
« on: 18:55, Wed 09 February 2011 »
when ya going to have the race then mate??

get someone to record it

General Chat / Re: Parts we sell :)
« on: 18:42, Wed 09 February 2011 »
do you sell full hoses kit for gt turbo if so how much please

General Chat / Re: best polish/cleaning gear.....
« on: 22:05, Tue 08 February 2011 »
yea i was going to use a household cleaner and degreaser also

any advice about sanding down manifolds/carb etc for polishing

General Chat / best polish/cleaning gear.....
« on: 20:07, Tue 08 February 2011 »
What is the best polish/ cleanging product to use on manifolds and the engine block to clean them up... also what grit sandpaper do you sand them down to when poilishing

Your cars / Re: Campus Turbo...
« on: 19:06, Tue 08 February 2011 »
oh right, will give it a go then.... :) just trying to see what i can use off campus lump before i sell it.... might carry on stripping the interoir now ready for sanding and spraying

any other suggestions, feel free to fire away

Your cars / Re: Campus Turbo...
« on: 22:23, Mon 07 February 2011 »
yeah collected it yesterday from a user on here, just trying to gain my bearings with r5 engine becuase obvs that is literaly only the engine nad nothing else, got starter motor to fit to it aswell...

will a campus alternator work or do i need 5 gt one?

im going to be building it over the year the whole car but im basically keeping it standard for now, standard power for few months of me driving it to get use to feel of car then will start to upgrade..... want to get the engine ready drop it in then im going to do all bodywork in mean time and wont get driven until completly finished

Your cars / Re: Campus Turbo...
« on: 21:05, Mon 07 February 2011 »
engine and gearbox are now home and living in the back extension, thanks mum and dad LoL

a few pictures of how it is for now...

going to crack on with getting engine set up and give it a good clean and new lick of read paint.....

General Chat / Re: LED's
« on: 18:53, Mon 07 February 2011 »
all will be revealed soon hopefully :)

got my dad on the scene now who is a sparkie so he gonna work his magic

Your cars / Re: Campus Turbo...
« on: 00:23, Mon 07 February 2011 »
Yeah I can't really grumble at the bodywork especially for the year, the only real bit wear abd tear is passenger front wing but I am getting GT wings as will need then for aches to fit,

Hopefully progress report report will follow soon, hoping to swap over engines next weekend

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