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Your cars / My new raider
« on: 19:39, Thu 07 October 2010 »
Hello all

I have been out of the r5 scene for a few years but now im back.Pikced my car up from Brighton last week.It has two cobra monaco bucket seats,fmi,t25,15" alloys and unfortunetly a respray in 2 tone swirls,brown/mahogany/electric green with gay flames coming from headlights.

It runs a bar of boost and is suprisingly quick,il get it on the rollers soon to see what power its running.

I have found some slips for santa pod and the fastest was 13.6 so not too shy shame its not still raider blue ;_(

pics to follow.

« on: 20:53, Wed 06 October 2010 »
How about advancing the tdc +6 for fast road aswell this makes for a much more drivable car, used to do this on all my previouse 5s ;_)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: oil light on
« on: 20:48, Wed 06 October 2010 »
With the power this engine is making I dont think itd last long with low oil pressure lol il have to buy a haynes so I can get clued up where everything is again on these cars ;_)

What oil is best on r5s il do an oil change at wknd as the oil like water in ther.

Newbies / Re: Hello all
« on: 20:26, Wed 06 October 2010 »
Its already got a fmi,tricked up t25 with insane turbo chatter,running a bar and a heavy clutch.

found a santapod slip for 13.6 probably just fix all nigly things.

Will get it on the rollers soon see what power its running and possibly get a standard carb,micro drill set and re jet carb.Cant remember off the top off my head what spec was best for performace and still retaining some mpg drilling out enrichment side was envolved was a few years ago now thoe so all abit hazy.

Suspect it has the dreaded group a gay tek carb on it so will want rid of that shite and get it running properly lol.

Are vnt turbos still all the rage for r5s I bought one of these off RTOC member years ago and sold my car so never fitted it looked the nutz.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil light on
« on: 19:25, Wed 06 October 2010 »
Hiya guys

Just picked up a new r5 turbo phase 2,what makes the oil light come on?

When I switch the car on a few turns of ignition the oil leval has a reading some times 5 (nearly full) however the pressure side when engine is running doesnt work.I have checked the dip stick and oil is nearly full up.

Im assuming bad wiring would cause this or mayeb a new sender, the oil light is only faintly on but it is on.

Gota love the electrical gremlins of french cars ;_) any fixs or links please let me know Thanks.

Newbies / Hello all
« on: 19:21, Wed 06 October 2010 »
Hello all

I have just bought another gt turbo its a phase 2 raider,that previouse owner has stripped and sparayed 2 tone brown and green ;_(

I used to be on RTOC back in the day but can justify paying 15 to get back on there,im now on my 8th gt turbo after having scoobies and gtirs and what not im still back.

Had an r5 turbo as my first car and guess I have the bug.

I have a shed load of spares with my new car that are in tungston grey if anyone wants anything give me a shout,ive put a classified add up on this site so have a butchers ;-)

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