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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Helop with radiator
« on: 21:08, Thu 09 September 2010 »
Hi there, I have R5 GTE with F7P engine but I have some troubles with the radiator. Which radiator fits there? I have there now 1 from 1.3 liter engine and it has a big problem to cool the engine.
Can anyone tell from which car will fit there bigger radiator + some photos how it is fitted there?

Your cars / My Snowhite and the grey mouse
« on: 02:20, Tue 07 September 2010 »
Here are some pics of my 2 cars.
Snowwhite - the name it has from my girlfriend is a 1.7 litre R5GTE full stock (suspension, interior, etc) for everyday driving, It was on 15 inch rims but I do not like them much

so I decided to buy 7*13 wheels on which I think is the car more better in cornering.

Another car is Renault 5 GTE with engine swap to F7P engine. This car I use for rallysprints, car slalom races etc. It has the F7P engine with 278/278 cams, Megasquirt I ecu, Koni adjustables, hydraulic handbrake, Tarox discs front and Ferodo DS2000 pads. It is still in the build phase so the exterior of the car is not so how it is planned.

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