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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Engine management choices?
« on: 19:02, Wed 22 December 2010 »
only looking for ignition control as the carb will do fine for the power i'm aiming for

tempted by the omex 200 and megajolt but ideally i want something that will be able to use the current renault crank sensor

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Engine management choices?
« on: 00:08, Wed 22 December 2010 »
Hi guys n gals

Just wondering what choices of engine management people have tried and tested?

Looking at fitting a spare t28 hybrid from my 200sx next year when the weather gets better and want to be able to have some form of ignition control

General Chat / Re: Cambridgeshire owners?
« on: 19:19, Thu 30 September 2010 »
peterborough here  :D  

but my 5 is off the road being restored  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Wideband Wonder ?
« on: 19:57, Mon 06 September 2010 »
the aem uego's are one of the best for a daily car
my lc1 in my daily is accurate but the calibration gets lost if the ignition is left on to long  :roll:

so i brought an aem from here very quick delivery aswell  :)

Your cars / Re: My white 5 gtt
« on: 17:29, Mon 06 September 2010 »
Quote from: "5teve L"
Nice one, glad to see another enthusiast joining.
So what are the plans once the MOT is done?

Always wanted a 5 turbo and never been able to scratch the itch for one, was fixing one a few years ago for someone and i've never been able to forget it  :D

Once the car is mot'd, i might send it off to my brothers work and get it fully resprayed in standard white so all the dents etc are fixed in one hit.

Then it'll be my winter run around so i can take my 200sx off the road, tidy that up underneath before the tin worm sets in  :roll:

Once summer is back i might keep it and drive it now and then or possibly sell it but i get attached to cars to easily  :oops:

Quote from: "sparkysparks"
Sweet build mate.
Went through it so quick it felt like you did all that in a day :D

cheers fella,
i'm a mechanic by trade so got alot of skills which helps, i thought this was going to be an arse of a project but its turning out the car is much more simple than i thought to fix  8)

Your cars / Re: My white 5 gtt
« on: 20:00, Sun 05 September 2010 »
did a bit of filler and prep work where i had to weld in a new bit of metal on the top of the sill the other day during the week

all primered ready for a rub down and lick of paint  :nodyes:

And had a decent amount of progress today  :)

Sill has been painted

Drivers and passenger rear sections of sill holes has been fixed and strengthened so much its a new jacking point   :D

Then the front archs, sills, floor pan, boot floor pan basically everywhere under the car has been waxoyl'd super thick  :mrgreen:

My reserve tank strap had rusted away and snapped and i wasnt going to pay 30+ delivery for one  :shock:
So i went all blue peter on it   8)   Mine cost 0   :P

Cut away snapped strap from brackets

Cut out length of metal from brothers crash austin mini

Clean brackets ready for welding, Spot welded new metal strap to brackets, welding outside in the wind with a gas mig turned out half decent  :)

Temporary fit on car, bend strap to right place and measure the second bracket and mark where it needs to be welded on to get a nice tight fitting strap

Spot weld second bracket onto metal strap and you should have something like this

Then it got painted in etch and chassis black paint, and a nice sticky foam strip was cut to length to stop it rubbing through when its all bolted up  :)

Then after arseing about with the exhaust to get it a perfect fit, took off the rear bumper started poking some holes and found some rather nice rusty holes to weld up  :eek:  So glad i brought a new reel of mig wire and gas bottle today

Provisional mot date is beginning of october fingers crossed if i don't go rust hunting again  :oops:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: spark plug recoil
« on: 22:18, Thu 19 August 2010 »
you could use a straw taped to a hoover attachment to suck up most of the swaff in the pistons chambers  :D

good luck

Your cars / My white 5 gtt
« on: 21:50, Mon 16 August 2010 »
So i took a gamble and brought the car off my cousin as a non runner, no mot or tax, water mixing with oil project

Spec is pretty much unknown but have found a few things:
Alloy header tank
ktec alloy carb top
mocal oil cooler
alloy degassing camber
ktec bored out turbo elbow
bigger alloy intercooler
samco silicone hoses everywhere
engine rebuilt back in 2006 new pistons+liners, bottom end rebuild
scorpion straight through exhaust system
clifford g5 alarm
Ecotek valve (removed as soon as i saw it)

This is how the car turned up on my door step after being towed,
Carb and turbo had both been removed and put in the footwell  :)

then i started work on the engine to get the liner seals changed and inspect the rest for damage

Whilst waiting for parts to turn up from renault i decided to take the front bumper, front archs and side skirts.
Found a few medium size rusted through sections in the drivers outer sill and a small hole in the passenger side outer sill.

So far have cut out the rusted sections and put in new metal and welded it, seam sealed and painted with paint, got to do the rear of the drivers sill as the inner sill needs a bit of welding but need to drop the tank as its too close for my liking

Replaced both front wheel bearings and bottom ball joints as they were knackered

Then my bits from renault turned up :)

new heatshields as mine are missing
new headgasket kit
new rear window square trims as mine are falling apart
new sideskirt clips as most of mine have broke
Metre of brake servo hose as some knob has fitted a ecotek valve in mine
New coolant
Sump painted black by my brother
Also found out the whole car has dynamat everywhere

Rebuilt the carb
Dinner trays are good for carb rebuilds  :mrgreen:  found out some muppet had got the accel pump spring wrong way around so it was sitting on the diaphram and would of split it sooner or later

Then i got the engine all back together after cleaning the liner platforms (Drill wire brush attachment and flat screwdriver works wonders) new liner seals fitted, new headgasket

After much internet searching i found out where each samco hose should be
Engine bay now its fully functional but slightly smokey from turbo oil seal

Turned him around so i can start work on the back end so took pics of the front end all rust treated and painted black

Bolted the front bumper and pushed the broken grill back in place to look better for the moment

Now i got to fix up the back end
drop fuel tank
do small bit of welding on sills
fix the fuel pump and filter on properly
fix a fuel pipe leak
make a new reserve tank strap
raise back end as currently sitting far too low

Got to sort out the interior aswell as its a bit of a mess  :roll:

Then hopefully get it to work for a mot and i just need to get the turbo rebuilt and the car onto the rolling road for a fueling check and boost increase  :mrgreen:

Newbies / Newbie alert
« on: 21:20, Mon 16 August 2010 »
Alright everyone

My names Adam, I'm 22 from peterborough area my daily drive is a s14a 200sx.
I've recently brought a white 5gtt off my cousin as he didnt have the time to give it the attention it needs to get it back on the road in a decent state.


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