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anyone bought a black set yet ? if so were they also samco branded ?

General Chat / Re: Phantom Grip LSD kits ???
« on: 23:59, Sat 21 July 2012 »
^^^ what he said


Had a customer send in some renault 5 door cards for refurbishment and a bit of modification so that he could fit his aftermarket speaker grills into them instead of the original plastic grills.
thought that it may be of interest to some so here are a load of pictures of what i did to them  :D

1) these are the grills that the customer wanted fitted into the door cards

2) lower edges of the cards had a fair bit of water damage so section at a time they were clamped flat and painted with a thinned resin so that it penetrated the card and then set in the correct flat shape

3) cracks and surrounding area impregnated with cyanoacryalate to restore original strength

4) again area impregnated with cyanoacryalate to restore original strength

5) this area had 2 cracks, distortion to the shape and a missing fixing so it was clamped in place for teh repairs to be done

6) area surrounding cracks and where the fixing was missing were soaked in cyanoacryalate, fixing was then clamped in place to set

7) bolster on one side had started to collapse but damage was only in the surface layer of the card with the main structure being intact

8) cracked area set with resin to prevent any further cracking occuring

9) to mount the aftermarket grills i cut some rings from mdf sheet

10) mounted the mdf rings in the back of teh door cards so that they sit slightly below the level of the normal speaker aperture

11) view from the top, speaker grill tabs were already missing so it saved me a job removing them :)

12) edges of the speaker holes had seen better days and were crumbling

13) edges soaked with cyanoacryalate to make them good and solid

14) edges sanded down and filled as required to restore shaping

15) blocks fitted to the back of the rings to give something substantial for the grills fixing screws to fit into

16) close view

17) speaker grill surround trial fitted, internal edges refinished as required

18) refinished edge

19 close view with surround in place

20) cards coated in a layer of thinned epoxy, this soaks into the surface ensuring good adhesion and allows refinishing of the card surface to improve the quality of finish

21) surface refinished

22) close up of speaker area after refinishing

23) door cards flocked

24) with the aftermarket grills fitted

General Chat / Re: my facebook r5 gt turbo group
« on: 21:00, Thu 29 March 2012 »
request sent  :D

Do it yourself / door card refurbishment
« on: 20:09, Thu 02 February 2012 »
like us on facebook to be kept up to date with all our work

been working on refurbishing some doorcards in order to get the process right and be able to offer refurbs as a service to forum members, some background in this thread on RTOC

cards have been stripped, repaired, refinished and flocked in a custom mix grey to match their original color
results have been pretty good, what do you recon ?

if you want yours done they are 100 for fronts or 150 for front and rears, parts must be supplied with covering removed, repairs are possible but will be charged on a basis of work involved
like us on facebook to keep up to date with all our work

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Renault 5 accelerator cable
« on: 20:00, Thu 02 February 2012 »
i suspect you are talking about the cables outer casing where it mounts to the bracket on the carb, there is a metal plate that hooks in at the bottom of the bracket and is clamped on the outer casing by a screw at the top they arent great at holding the acble as standard but if you do find the outer slips through the clamp to easily rather than wrenching it up and crushing the outer casing put a couple of turns of electrical tape round the outer casing where the bracket clams on it and it will stay in place with less pressure

General Chat / Re: I want another. What colour should i do
« on: 20:25, Sun 22 January 2012 »
i would go for green but its all in using the right shade, something like this color with black alloys and black decals would look sweet

General Chat / Re: Which dashboard is right?
« on: 10:30, Sat 17 December 2011 »
Quote from: "smithyithy"
Is the panel with the heater controls standard DIN size then?
i dont know for sure, we never got that far because the stereo wouldnt fit where he wanted it but loads of people swapped over the heater and stereo back in the day, from memory of reading about it in magazines they had 2 control cables, one long and one short, you had to change the short one of the cables for a long one to allow it to reach not sure about how they actualy fit though

General Chat / Re: Which dashboard is right?
« on: 21:48, Thu 15 December 2011 »
i tried one of those in a friends car several years back as he wanted to fit a stereo in the lower one and the heater controls in the top slot so that he could fit a flip out screen where the heater normaly goes but to no avail as the double din consoles are a bit of a waste of time unless you have something to fit in the bottom hole that is pretty shallow as a standard sized stereo hits the floor before its all the way in

General Chat / dont let paypal disputes cost you a fortune
« on: 23:11, Thu 10 November 2011 »
usefull piece of information for anyone who uses paypal as they are bound to give you cause to phone them at some point.
If you have a PayPal dispute, rather than ringing the 0870 730 7191 phone number which you have to pay a premium rate for.

Ring 020 8605 3000 and press 1. Using this option you don't have to pay a premium, just your usual BT rate or your inclusive minutes on your mobile


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Heat shield is it needed
« on: 19:56, Sat 15 October 2011 »
Renault wouldn't have added cost to manufacture of the car by fitting them if they weren't needed, leaving them off will just lead to problems, my car came with the alternator heatshield missing and 500 miles later the starter had cooked and car wouldn't start.
There are stainless ones available but they are not as effective at reducing heat as the standard Renault ones

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: does anyone have the model number HU?
« on: 00:31, Fri 14 October 2011 »
Raiders came with one of the first phillips rds cass head units and an awful high raised surround.
Late model non raiders had a pioneer pull out cassette, think it was a 2090

General Chat / Re: Which colour for my calipers?
« on: 23:52, Thu 13 October 2011 »
Yep red all the way, just make sure you clean them well so the paint sticks, hammerite smooth works a treat but it goes on thin so you need to give them loads of coats

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Strange cooling prob?
« on: 01:24, Tue 11 October 2011 »
System could need bleeding after a boil up as there will be pockets of air that are hard to clear without bleeding them off, after flushing and refilling the cooling system I have found it generaly takes a couple of bleeding sessions and a fair few miles to get all the air out

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: window motors/mechanism!!
« on: 01:19, Tue 11 October 2011 »
It's most likely the flock coating has worn off the window rubbers causing a greatly increased friction, fitted new window rubbers on mine and they went from the point of barely moving to working like new

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