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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Rear bumper fitting
« on: 10:18, Wed 28 November 2012 »
Do they all fit that badly ?

I was planning on removing the plastic pins (cutting them rather then remove them, cos the torx screws are all rusted and won't turn) and drill new holes so that the corner of the bumper fits as it should to the arch. Also fabricate new lower bumper brackets and remove the plastic blocks.

What do you think ?

Will it be a problem as I'm running 195x50x15 tyres and lowered -30 ? as its already close as it is but I reckon it shouldn't as the bumper will rise by about 10mm

General Chat / Crown wheel removal
« on: 21:08, Sat 04 August 2012 »
How do I remove the crown wheel off my diff ?

Do I heat the ring (try not to heat the rest) and it should pop out with some hammering ?

Has anyone ever done this ? is it a pain to do ?

Thanks  :D

General Chat / Gear Ratios & Final Drives
« on: 13:20, Thu 05 July 2012 »
Has anyone ever messed with these by interchanging parts from other gearboxes ??

I found this manual ( ) and it shows the gear and differential ratios for all JB3 gearboxes...

Now, basically I would like to lower my gears and I though I'd start by using the differential crown wheel and main shaft from another gearbox, which obviously has a lower final drive. I was looking at the manual and I found that the JB3 009 / 014 / 032 (these are the GTT gearboxes) have a 3.73 final drive and gear ratios : (1) 3.09 , (2) 1.84 , (3) 1.32 , (4) 0.97 , (5) 0.76.

While the JB3 048 (clio 16v) has a 4.2 final drive and identical gear ratios apart from 5th gear which is a little bit higher.

Last time I drove a 16v it felt completely the opposite; very high gears and a large difference between 1st and 2nd gear.

What gearbox can I use or else what crown wheel and main shaft can I fit into my gearbox to get lower gears ? (actually at the moment I have a gearbox from a R5 GTX which is very similar to the GTT but a little bit higher & I run a volvo engine, if that makes any difference)

General Chat / B18FT forged pistons
« on: 18:40, Sun 27 May 2012 »
Hi guys,

I just found a company that can make pistons for the B18FT. They're made by JE.pistons and they have anti-friction coated skirts and ceramic coated domes. They can be made to any compression ratio too. They cost $850 + p&p ( = 550 + p&p ). If anyone is interested you can contact them guys through their facebook page --->

Look at them, what a beaut !!

General Chat / Doors question
« on: 19:08, Mon 14 May 2012 »
At the moment mine are the split pin type (always have been so), but I've managed to find 2 literally brand new doors which are the torx type.

Question is, is it a straight swap ?

General Chat / Phantom Grip LSD kits ???
« on: 15:03, Sun 13 May 2012 »
Has anyone ever tried one of these kits ??

The kit costs only $299 + p&p .. and if it works as good as they claim it does, it would be well worth the money !

General Chat / Dashboard question
« on: 19:13, Sat 30 July 2011 »
Hi mates,

Well my dashboard centre (where the air vents, clock, knobs, ash tray, dials, etc. sit) is starting to crack in some places but the rest of the dashboard (where it has that 'leather' feeling) is still in very good nic. Can I replace all the centre but leave the rest in place ? cos I have a rollcage and its a nightmare to remove!!

Cheers  :D


Your cars / some new photos..
« on: 20:38, Sat 23 July 2011 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Coilovers question
« on: 19:54, Mon 18 July 2011 »
Hello mates,

Well basically I just bought myself a pair of front coilovers from ebay and am waiting for their delivery..

At first I thought they where in a bad condition but in the auction description the seller claimed they where in a very good condition -- on a second and closer look at the photo they seemed very dirty, but as the seller said, in a good condition.

I messaged the seller and asked him about their condition -- No leaks, threads in a good condition and fully functional and adjustable damper also fully functional.

Thing is he does not know the brand because he removed them from a car he broke. This is where I need you guys -- does anyone recognize what brand are these coilovers ??

Does anyone know if a fuel tank from a Renault Clio 16v/Williams fit to a Renault 5 ?

Next to each other they seem exactly the same apart from the Clio having fuel sender + fuel pump unit and the 5's one having only fuel sender unit... infact this is the reason why I want the Clio one.

Or is there any chance making the 5's tank feed fuel by gravity to an external inline high pressure fuel pump ?

General Chat / Ignition barrel problems.. need some help please !!
« on: 18:25, Sat 12 March 2011 »
I am currently running a volvo engine so I need to feed the ECU from the ignition, but apparently my ignition barrel is dropping current while cranking the engine so I've decided to eliminate the barrel and use a toggle switch as my 'ignition ON' and a momentary push button swith as my starter.

Now, this is where I need your help. The barrel has 4 wires, divided in 2 pairs - red & orange and 2 yellow. How do I connect my switches ??

General Chat / Trackday cars' interior pic request
« on: 22:40, Sun 16 January 2011 »
I want to get some ideas for my interior like rollcage, alloy fuel tanks, battery boxes, harnesses, fire extinguishers, seats, gauges, etc..

So please put up as many pics available of your interior :D



Newbies / Hello from sunny Malta
« on: 14:54, Sun 30 May 2010 »
Hello all,

I'm David from Malta, age 20, and I'm new to this forum.

I have been owning my precious 5 for over 3 years now and the love between us still grows stronger  :D  :lol:

I also have a Clio 16v with a Williams engine which I am currently prepping for Hillclimb / Sprint events ..

Looking forward to get to know you guys better  :wink:



Your cars / Renault 5 1.7 GTT
« on: 20:26, Fri 28 May 2010 »
Hello all,

I'm David, from Malta, and I'm new to this forum. Been owning my precious 5 for these past 3 years, thought I'd share some photos with you. Just finished with a volvo engine conversion. Very happy with the results. Anyways, time for the photos to do the talkin, hope you all like  :)

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