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General Chat / Re: front mount or grille mount
« on: 18:40, Thu 20 September 2012 »
Has anyone fitted the smaller intercooler without having to chop the bumper or cross member?


Newbies / Re: Hi all newbie
« on: 20:07, Thu 27 May 2010 »
yh hopefully dude, want one now, want some boost in my life :)


Newbies / Hi all newbie
« on: 18:35, Thu 27 May 2010 »
Hi all, my names Elliott, currently drive a clio 1.8 16v, but was involved in an accident (not my fault) so son the car will either be rote of or repaird, but i will be selling it, am after a r 5 turbo, not many about for sale :(


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