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Your cars / Re: phase 2 Dacia 1310 GT Turbo
« on: 21:12, Mon 19 April 2010 »
Quote from: "canny_eu"
This weeks I buy mysels a mig welder machine and I will remake the exhaust manifold.
I wanted a side exhaust manifold because on my car the engine is positioned longitudinal and not transversal as on the 5's and with the side exhaust I can make equal size pipes for each cilinder unlike the stock one and the intake of the turbo is oriented straight to the front of the car = colder air

I need some help.
 Does it worth to use a lightened flyweel ???

Because I'm afraid that the engine brake will be much too brutal with an lightened flyweel and the bennefits of such a flywhell will be insignifiant

James5, 10x for the tip with the VNT turbo, for the moment I abandoned the ideea of an VNT and I'm using a KKK16, small size turbo, bigger size compressor. Hopefully it will do the the job as I want , minimal lag and higher boost

I'm glad that you like my car :)

I do not think that the engine will be the problem with the flyweel , but the gearbox . It will make revs more fast but i do not think the gearbox will hold at more than 1 bar .. good luck

Newbies / Re: Message for Newbies !!
« on: 16:16, Tue 06 April 2010 »
Hy , my name is Buga and i m new here ! I m from Romania ,Bucharest ! I drive a Dacia , and in the future i want to buy a new Dacia and put a 1.4 T from renault 5 in it !

Your cars / Re: phase 2 Dacia 1310 GT Turbo
« on: 22:23, Mon 05 April 2010 »
Quote from: "canny_eu"
The front of the gearbox is removable, (the clutch housing) it comes from Dacia and bolts straight up to the R18 gearbox.
The previosly gearbox that I had on the car  was from a R18 aswell but with fwd.
Now with the awd I must chop the middle bottom of the floor and make the channel for the rear driveshaft because I dont want to raise the car.
Yes that 18 4x4 is unstoppable on snow, I hope that it will put the power the same on tarmac  :twisted:

Ai rezolvat problema cu galeria ? De ce ai optat pentru ' serpii' aia ? Bafta cu 4x4 !

( Did you solve the problem with the exhaust mainfold ? Why did you do the exhaust yourself ? Good luck with the 4x4 ! )

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