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General Chat / Re: Would these fit my 5?
« on: 23:37, Tue 08 February 2011 »
ok one more question please  :mrgreen:

I just don't won't to buy wheels that would turn up worthless...

If I get som 17 inch wheels with 40 offset, could I use some spacers to get to 35 offset, and in combination with 185/35/17 (P zero Nero, Nankang, Tyfoon, ...) could it work without rubbing?  I believe these tire have the same measurements as 15 or 16 inch tires, but it'll be harder for sure.

Anyone any thoughts on this?

General Chat / Re: Would these fit my 5?
« on: 19:16, Tue 08 February 2011 »
I just figured if you get 17" tires that correspond to 195/50/15 dimensions on 7" wheels, that there should be no  rubbing, and no changing the inner wheelwells?

General Chat / Re: Would these fit my 5?
« on: 10:54, Tue 08 February 2011 »
what offset did they have.  Do you have pictures?

Would they fit with 195/40s without shaving the bumpers?

General Chat / Re: Would these fit my 5?
« on: 23:18, Mon 07 February 2011 »
Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
The PCD is 4x100, offset wise standard is 35mm but if your going for the euro look you'll be wanting lwider than 7" and poss slightly smaller offset too. Remember the wider a further you push the wheel out the arch the closer it'll be getting to the arch.

are there 17" wheels that fit under a stock gtt?  what offset would they need?

I know 205/40 will rub, but how about 195/40/17 with 35 offsett, would that work without reworking the arches?

Newbies / Re: hi!
« on: 10:53, Sat 05 February 2011 »
sieger heb je nog wat foto's? (got extra pics)

Newbies / Re: hi!
« on: 20:24, Tue 01 February 2011 »
it does look great with the blacked out bupers, would even stick to a stock bonnet.

greetings from a southern neighbour  :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Gear linkage alignment
« on: 23:43, Mon 31 January 2011 »
on my 5 there's a new gear box and unfortunatly the gears aren't fully alligned now, can some explain how you can get the gear linkage set properly so it'll shift smoothly?


Newbies / Re: Newbie looking to buy
« on: 21:54, Mon 31 January 2011 »
good call  :mrgreen:

I used to drive a 97 scoobie and afterwards got a 94 lancer evo and sold both.

The 88 r5 gtt stay'd, couldn't sell, and now very happy I didn't, Im actually improving her.

White gtt's are super, good look finding a decent one you won't regret it

if you stick with the location, would those BMC carbon airbox replacements be a good solution to keep away the heat from the turbo charger, but still have better air suction?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 2011 - which induction kit would you recommend?
« on: 22:38, Sat 29 January 2011 »
I know millions of topics on this already, but induction kits also change or get uprated or new ones come out...

So I'm going to get an induction plug-play kit (no relocation) which one can you guy recommend?  As gains are minimal I've read, let's go for good filtering and nice suction noice  :mrgreen:


Newbies / Re: Regards from Belgium!
« on: 12:06, Fri 11 June 2010 »
ok, I got the car to Chris, who used to run an R5 groupN in Rally championship, and he installed a T25, samco hoses, Forge dv, dual cap intercooler and logically put in the cup circuit which I had not before.

Because I still need to go through technical inspection in Belgium, we kept it on low boost (1bar --> lowest with the Colin actuator), but man does she run already  :mrgreen:

The difference is amazing, the tires keep burning until you shift to 3th if you want too, love it!

After we get things registered, we'll get the groupA carb, correct jets for higer boost and we'll turn things up a bit.

From 0-60mph it's already faster than my old impreza gt turbo.

Quote from: "chrisb"
http:// [url=]
Not sure if these will work, its been a while!

cool now I know my color is "flash red"  :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: website stickers
« on: 22:10, Fri 26 March 2010 »
yeah, i think they should be made too, the banner looks great and would be nice as a rear window sticker.
Some ideas on small or bigger stickers..

Newbies / Re: Hi everyone:)
« on: 21:54, Thu 18 March 2010 »
nice car, WILL be more fun than the golf (I owned both too at one time).

Only G60 gives the same amounth of fun, but then again, why bother with a 6k golf II  :lol:

You should buff that car so the deep red reappears!!

here's one from the gallery :

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: in-car dumpvalve : how to?
« on: 19:49, Thu 25 February 2010 »
Quote from: "linni"
dump valve or boost valve bud? not too sure anyones ever put a dumpvalve inside their car before  :roll:

 :lol: bleedvalve indeed  :mrgreen:

not sure what I was thinking

dumpvalve is already in place

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