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General Chat / Re: Insuring R5 as second car.
« on: 11:12, Thu 29 April 2010 »
I have my R5 GTT insured through a performance classic car company (heritage performance classics) as my second car, as scratcher said most classic car policies dont allow NCD but also some do so it depends on who you go with. You also have to check what mileage classic insurance allows as i had to state that i didnt want a cap on the mileage.

And i think ive got the lowest insurance out of the guys on the webste  :D  :D  158 quid fully comp !! And no im not old either  :lol:  only 25

Best bet is to get on the phone and computer and search around !

General Chat / Re: door fitting ?
« on: 21:19, Tue 27 April 2010 »
many thanks, needed an answer as i didnt want to go all the way to pick them up and them end up not fitting . :(

General Chat / door fitting ?
« on: 15:42, Tue 27 April 2010 »
does anybody know if the drivers and passengers doors off a 5 door r5 will fit a 3 door ?

Your cars / Re: My New 5
« on: 14:48, Tue 27 April 2010 »
so jealous  :mrgreen:   i would definetley have one altho im saving my pennies for an escort cosworth at the moment ! only a couple of grand to go then im off on the hunt !!

tryin to get the misses to part with her mini cooper s but you know women, they love a fashion accessory !! especially if its cost me 10 grand !

Your cars / Re: Another new R5 GTT
« on: 17:42, Thu 22 April 2010 »
i know i like it alot better now too, and find the benefit of easy starting on cold mornings ! :D

Your cars / Re: Another new R5 GTT
« on: 15:21, Thu 22 April 2010 »

Firstly had the pleasure of doing both front and back wheel bearings as with the back stripped out you cant half hear the rumble from the back bearings when there on there way out ! Whilst there i changed discs and pads on the back and cleaned and rebuilt both calipers as were a little grubby and rusty. only thing i didnt do but am going to do is paint both calipers and carriers. Altho might get 4 chromed sets ???

After this i gave her a lovely wash polish and wax so is now sparkling !

Went and took a few more pics on a hill top at my mates farm, as the last ones were not good to say the least !

Noticed my little staffie decided to admire the car too  :)

Was looking to sell the car but gonna give it a few months yet as want to take it to a few shows before i do !!!!

Your cars / Re: Another new R5 GTT
« on: 23:04, Wed 14 April 2010 »
i know, i was freezing and it was blowin a hoolie so the shiverin took effect on the pics  :lol:

Your cars / Re: Another new R5 GTT
« on: 21:43, Wed 14 April 2010 »

Right first things first i can finally report that all is well with the car, (touch wood) ive had it set up by k-tec on there rolling road with a print out at 189.2bhp which i was extremely chuffed with after all the problems ive been having with running/fuelling issues !

So tonight me and my better half went out for a long drive in it ! Heres a few snaps of it parked up on top of the hill .....

So all in all a good evenin out, no break downs, no issues and a pleasent drive !!

General Chat / Re: identifying hose
« on: 16:17, Wed 14 April 2010 »
oh so true  :lol:

General Chat / Re: identifying hose
« on: 15:43, Wed 14 April 2010 »
love the description ash (solenoid thing)  :lol:

as fa as i can tell most r5 gtt's ive seen have had the perc fan and associated pipework and wires removed as this is what can happen if left in .....

General Chat / Re: How do I get that sound?
« on: 21:43, Tue 13 April 2010 »
ryanreed: sounds like you need you need to have the carb set up, my car used to do that till i had it set up on a rolling road and the carb adjusted

General Chat / Re: fitting afr guage
« on: 21:39, Tue 13 April 2010 »
yeah you can either have a handheld guage to read the mixture or get it done on a rolling road (thats how i have mine done) they read the afr through the exhaust system and then adjust the mixture screw to get it running exactly as it should do.

General Chat / Re: budget 200+ bhp engine
« on: 21:36, Tue 13 April 2010 »
mark i fully understand where your coming from and agree group a carbs are rubbish but the carb was on the car and ive had so many problems buying second hand so called standard carbs (where people have drilled jets,soldered jets, messed with venturi bores etc etc...) that im just gonna stick with this one untill i find a decent replacement as its now running and set up lovely i just cant bear any more fiddling around for now, but eventually i will be changing back to standard as i dont run silly boost pressures.

General Chat / Re: How do I get that sound?
« on: 19:06, Tue 13 April 2010 »
My R5 idles at around 800 rpm too, never seen one idle as low as mine, there must be some other good engines out there!!

General Chat / Re: budget 200+ bhp engine
« on: 19:05, Tue 13 April 2010 »
Thats correct Mark my group a carb has a fully modified carburettor body which benefits from a larger venturi and is fully re-jetted to suit the greater airflow through it. The machined venturi bore is 30% larger than the standard item which results in more boost pressure making it into the engine.
This means power is increased without increasing the boost pressure.
This is achieved because the standard carb can cause a pressure loss of up 5psi through it due to the bore size of the standard venturi (i.e. 15psi boost pressure entering the carb can result in 10psi boost pressure exiting the carb and entering the engine = 5psi pressure loss) whereas the free flowing Group `A` carb will only lose 1-2psi across it resulting in more boost entering the engine. MORE BOOST = MORE POWER. :D  :D
Obviously the carb is fully re-jetted to cope with the extra airflow and has been used successfully on cars running over 35psi with no change to the supplied jetting. It can be fitted to standard cars but is a must for cars running over 20psi as the standard carb becomes far too restrictive.
It also allows for the boost to be adjusted (in-car) without causing major disruption to the fuelling mixture.

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