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General Chat / Re: New Colour for my R5 GTT
« on: 22:45, Wed 27 January 2010 »
i do like the metalic light blue colour but not the best example to show the colour to its full !!  

need to get the colour right as i never want to have it done again.

General Chat / New Colour for my R5 GTT
« on: 22:19, Wed 27 January 2010 »
Got my r5 booked in for a spray job and need some suggestions on colour as in completely stuck and getting headaches looking at colour charts !!

Already had a Cozzy Blue, Tungy Grey and this one is Met Silver but needs a fresh coat down the passenger side due to the laquer not taking when the previous owner had it sprayed !!

So bitten the bullet and decided to go all out and respray it, so will look gleaming for the shows this year !!!

Any ideas and pic welcome !

I know its a bit away from the show but they have just released a video for this years event :

anyone thinking of going can also check out there website :

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Actuator Pipes
« on: 22:20, Mon 25 January 2010 »
Hi, ive been looking under the bonnet in a state of confusion as there is no pipe comin off the actuator (closest to the bulk head) any clues which pipe connects into this, i cant find any disconnected pipes so i assume its a modification the previous owner has done !

Many thanks

General Chat / Re: Anybody around and about this Weekend ?
« on: 19:43, Sun 24 January 2010 »
yeah plenty of places, just depends on how many come to show off !

General Chat / Anybody around and about this Weekend ?
« on: 19:16, Fri 22 January 2010 »
Anybody around this weekend for a drive about ?

Gonna get my R5 out for a spin this weekend, blow off some cobwebs !

If anybodys around let me know as its been too long not speaking to anybody who ACTUALLY knows what there talking about !!!

Im stuck down south with yobs who do up corsa's, saxo's and any other 1.1 car on the market ! They pull up next to you and wanna race !!

Im fed up with it !!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Gearbox : Choices
« on: 14:54, Thu 21 January 2010 »
you can also look for a volvo gearbox that is much stronger and more reliable than the usual renaults !

i THINK its out of a 440 ? but couldnt be sure

Your cars / Re: Another new R5 GTT
« on: 14:45, Thu 21 January 2010 »
thanks to all comments above, spooky would like to show you the engine now has changed a fair bit !

Im looking forward to it already !

If other members are thinking of going maybe we can meet up at dover and drive together ?

So much nicer to drive with more people !

hi, am i just being blind or is there no date on the poster ?

My other half is dutch and the in-laws live in Etten-Leur so could make a round trip, if the dates are good ?

Your cars / Re: Another new R5 GTT
« on: 18:00, Mon 18 January 2010 »
Here are some pics of my new R5 GTT

Your cars / Another new R5 GTT
« on: 12:30, Mon 18 January 2010 »
Just thought id say hi as im new to this site even though im on my 3rd R5 GTT,

Recently bought a Metalic Silver 1988 GTT (3 weeks ago) after 4 months of searching for one that didnt need a new clutch, new engine and other mechanical problems. I found one in Somerset, went and see her and was pleasently suprised with wat i was looking at. Done a bit of haggling as the paintwork down one side wasnt in the best condition due to laquer peeling off i secured my 3rd R5 GTT, now in the process of sorting out where to get it sprayed so if anybody knows of a good sprayer on the southcoast or within an hours drive of Winchester please let me know.

My R5 has been modified extensively:

Has evo bonnet scoop,
Smoothed Boot

Has been lowered 50mm alround on evo coil overs (front) and shocks (rear)
Sat on 15" tsw chromed alloys

Engine has been stage 2 tuned pushing 160-180 bhp (By K-Tec Racing)
Head has had KTR power system gas flowing level 3
KTR powersystem camshft
KTR powersystem adjustable pulley
Group A Carb
KTR powersystem side exit exhaust system with tubular manifold
KTR powersystem high capacity alloy intercooler
T25 Turbo
Plus much more .....

Interior has been left standard apart from white dials

Probably much more done but forgotten about it.

Anyway did just pop in to say hi now im booring myself so im off but would love to talk to more R5 Nutters like myself so drop me an email


Spotted / Was It You? / Re: tungsten in fairoak
« on: 12:02, Mon 18 January 2010 »
chavvy baseball cap !!! lol, do you remember if its Reg was H312 CMC ? if it was then that was my old R5 GTT now got a silver one !

Newbies / Re: Message for Newbies !!
« on: 16:57, Sun 17 January 2010 »
Hi im new to the forum, im on my 3rd R5 GTT both before sold not crashed !!! lol

1st was a resprayed cosworth blue 1987 R5 GTTonly had for 3 months and sold due to being at uni and needing funds.

2nd a Tungsten grey which i re-built and done up from scratch i had the pleasure of this car for 3 years hassle free motoring but did shed a little tear when sold but the 2500 cash in my hand soon wiped that away.

Now on my 3rd, this time in Silver and starting from scratch again, just dropped the slightly tuned, (around 160 bhp)  personally rebuilt engine with a volvo box back in after a full strip down and re-build now working my way round the SUPRISINGLY not rusty body but does need a good respray, so if anybody knows of a good sprayer let me know.

Look forward to talking to many of you soon.

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