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Spotted / Was It You? / Re: tungsten in fairoak
« on: 12:10, Tue 08 May 2012 »
Just looking at the posts you put and guess it hasn't been as reliable also you must of never bought it from me as the stuff you are saying about it eg. needs standard interior were in there in immaculate condition when i sold it to who ever it was and im guessing they have abused it !!!!

What a pitty...... atleast i hope you can look after it as much as i did....

also look at the pics of it when i had it in the my car section and no doubt you will find it....

Spotted / Was It You? / Re: tungsten in fairoak
« on: 11:41, Tue 08 May 2012 »
Hi i havent been on here for a long time and nice to see my old R5 GTT is still up and running, if you ever want or consider selling please let me know as i would love to buy her back. Have loads of good memories with that car especially as my and my other half had an epic time driving it to a car show in holland and back when we first got together.

Oh the memories........

Hope it has been as reliable for you as it was for me ???

Spotted / Was It You? / 2 R5GTT's parked up in Aylesbury
« on: 14:45, Sat 07 January 2012 »
Hi guys long time since i been on here as have been moving around and finally got settled in a little village outside aylesbury and whilst on some exploring the surrounding town i see 2 r5 gtt's parked up in stoke mandeville in aylesbury and wondered if its anybody on here ?

Media / Re: This Impreza sounds mental !!
« on: 17:26, Wed 08 December 2010 »
:D does sound the nuts !!!!  :D  

will take a video of my sisters b/f's scooby as hes spent more money on the car than i have on the mortgage !!!!! must be 30 grand plus and he drives it round a track like he's nicked it too !!!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fuel filler neck ? rust !!!!
« on: 17:14, Wed 08 December 2010 »
hi guys,

need some help as been to look at a r5 gtt and there is a rusty hole behind the fuel filler cap and was wondering if you can buy a replacement panel ? or does it come with the rear quarter panel ?


General Chat / Re: Buget Power Gain
« on: 16:18, Fri 08 October 2010 »
Sounds like the towels been trown down  :lol:

Had a similar story with a mate when he brought a brand new 206 180bhp and i continously whipped his arse !!!

Oh i love the litle r5's such fun for cheap money especially annoying top of the range cars worth 500 times more !!!

Me and a mate used to go out on hunts for bmw's, merc's, porsche's, scobbies, evo's, anything we could whined up..... sitting at 30 in second and wait for them to pull out, then floor it and watch there face as they had to pull back in behind  :)  Best thing we found was a matey in a brand new bmw and kept doing it to him he got so pissed it was hilarious specially when you let them get right beside you and wave them off !! lol

But that was a few years back now and ive grown up...... well almost  8)

Like said before spent a little bit of cash and have the boost upp'd, have set up right and a uprated i/c. Also strip it bare

General Chat / Anybody seen/worked on/know anything of this R5 GTT
« on: 11:33, Thu 23 September 2010 »
Been looking at getting another R5 GTT after i sold my one earlier this year and ive been missing the raw power and fun of a turbo'd car....

Ive been looking on ebay and pistonheads for any R5 GTT that i like the look of and would like to buy the only problem im coming up against is im a fair distance from most that come available to buy...

So id like some help from fellow members regarding a couple of r5's that im kind of interested in.....

Anyknowledge of the cars would be much appreciated: (all ebay auctions)






Cheers Guys

Quote from: "shaneom123"
hi iv found a r5 on piston heads for 800 could do wit a spray but might tickle your fancey

hope this helps you out and good luck with finding one

also i have just checked and the car is about 40miles from you :wink:

so definatly worth going to view in my opinion

thanks shane

cheers i have been looking through piston heads but spray work is a bit out of my league id rather have good bodywork condition but needs stuff mechanical doing no matter how much mechanical.......



Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
Thats cool mate, if you got any questions about it just let me know. :wink:

i will do, its nice to be able to know you too know some stuf about these cars rather than my last 2 cars i won but didn't win  :evil:  who know nothing about these cars but want thousands for them......

Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"

I got this one for sale mate on ebay :wink:

To be honest there are alot of people out there that think there car is worth loads more than it is but then there are some right bargins out there too, some really clean cars going for real cheap money which suprise's me as i think they are worth the extra money.

it looks really nice !

only down side is im not a black car person but will definetly keep an eye on the auction,

Right thought id come and complain as after i sold my R5 GTT i thought id go for another french hot hatch (standard D reg peugeot 205 1.9 gti with only 57,900 miles) and have garaged that to keep the milage down and now want another R5 Turbo.........

Ive now been the winning bidder on ebay for 2 R5 GTT's  but they fob me off saying there not going to sell them for the money i win them for......(980 and 790) and there worth easily double that!!!!!!! i have done all nessecary with ebay about complaining and have a few leads to follow up on regarding that.......

Its not like they were modified 200+ bhp immaculate cars ! they were run of the mill, nothing special R5 Turbos with a different set of alloys on needing a bit of tlc and service items......

So what i want to know is WHO told these jumped up chav's the cars are now worth thousands !!!!!!!  

I feel a little better now with a windge off my chest so if anybody knows of a good little R5 GTT for sale please let me know,

many thanks

Your cars / Re: Not an R5 but still its a 80's Freanch Hot Hatch
« on: 22:57, Sun 25 July 2010 »
Ive been reading up about certain engine transplants and now im on the look out for a 306 gti-6 for a transplant to the 205, did see some people have put the 2l turbo lump in, its a toss up between the 2l turbo and the gti-6, some people have the old mi16 lump in them but there a hard engine to find these days,

Your cars / Re: Not an R5 but still its a 80's Freanch Hot Hatch
« on: 16:55, Sat 10 July 2010 »
i know what your saying bout the grill but the original one on it was red so never looked good and bought this for 1.99+p&p off ebay as its the right colour, im gonna wait till i have some spray work done then get it sprayed too, as the laquer has peeled on the roof and needs some tlc so will be soon, i can feel the money leaving my wallet already :(  

but yeah phase 1 and in good condition too..... just in the process of doing a cambelt and water pump as no paperwork for one in the service history since 2006  :roll:  and cant trust previous owners saying they done one !!!!!

but all in all a good little motor and got it on classic car insurance too, so its nice and cheap like the R5's.

General Chat / Re: Sad to sell my Silver R5 GTT
« on: 12:46, Sat 10 July 2010 »
i have posted some pics in your cars section,

please view and comment.

Your cars / Not an R5 but still its a 80's Freanch Hot Hatch
« on: 12:41, Sat 10 July 2010 »
here are a few pics of my 205 gti i bought after selling my R5 GTT  :(

Hope you enjoy ?

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