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Your cars / White Gt Turbo Phase2 "back from the grave"
« on: 21:18, Thu 18 April 2013 »
Hello everyone...
My gt turbo is already finish...not totally, because there are always something to do/improve on Gtt..  :)

i made my presentation in 2009 (, when i bought my dream car (r5 gtt)... Now i leave with you guys some pics of the restoration process and the final result.  I completed the restoration last summer.

 during the restoration i found this jewell in my city, completely new, only for 42.

every pieces repainting.

New pistons and liners, new distribution, crank shaft from a gtr1.2 with low kilometers, ...

I put the car on this machine to see if the structure was right...

The best thing we did was open the gearbox, this had the carter broken and had suffered a warming.

I bought another JB3 to select the best parts, applied a repair kit box, bearings, etc..

and ...

we open the conduits following the original gasket. we left the exhaust conduits polished and the air/gas conduits scratched, to get a better combustion.

The measurement of the combustion chambers.

Painted with original color, white 348

Some more pictures of the finishes in the bottom of gtt ...

more pieces painted:

Now the assembly:

like a mirror :D

costs 2:

HOPE you like :)

Newbies / hello everyone
« on: 09:21, Fri 11 December 2009 »
Hello everyone!

My name is Tiago (James) and I'm Portuguese ...

I registered in the forum because I am restoring a renault 5 gt turbo.

I love renault 5's, I have three right now, good machines.

Sorry for the bad English


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