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Your cars / Re: some of my old 5s
« on: 18:53, Sun 02 January 2011 »
Quote from: "rickgtt14"
the wheels on the purple dimma looked like this and said dimma in 1 of the spokes

na not keen on them like

Your cars / Re: some of my old 5s
« on: 17:15, Thu 30 December 2010 »
Quote from: "rickgtt14"

thats the wheels i want were them at now mate

Quote from: "mjc"
Congrats what colour you painting it

still not decided yet i thort the log book would have dif colour but it says purple, i a thinking black, realy dont have a clue yet

over them moon - car got deliver thursday checked it over friday wired engine and fuel pump up sat afternoon and first turn of the key yesterday she fire up sounding pritty sweet, no smoke just a blow in the metal pipe in turbo nuckle but think its time to kidy up and send to painters

Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
I saw that for sale, do you have the reg as may recognise it.  Its not a familiar car so can't say much on it, what did you want to know about?

i wil post reg tomorrow when car gets dropped off just want to now a bit history on the car and how it got to this state ha ha

Your cars / Re: B20ENJ phase 2 tungy
« on: 12:12, Wed 08 December 2010 »
pictures of your car is stone mint like i dont think i am going to every get this dimma any were near ha ha

does any body now any history on this car

also need a few bits wide wheels and dimma front bumper

Your cars / Re:
« on: 12:44, Sun 08 November 2009 »
Quote from: "Brigsy"
Keep away from turbo pacs, heard some tales about them before, proper con merchants.

i spent 3000 with turbo pacs about 6 years ago and i got my moneys worth out off them my car ended up with 185 bhp of a phase 4 conversion also turbo response kit that got fitted 1 month after which made big df on turbo lag wich i was well happy with a avo suspenion full side exit exhaust big brakes

so ya mite think there ripe off but there only a service ya get what ya pay for

Your cars / Re:
« on: 12:34, Sun 08 November 2009 »
Quote from: "r5gtt08"

i now this car it was toddys from horden it was a write off and he rebuilt it but done a mint job with it

hi i  am looking for a 5 turbo dimma but it has to be a real dimma kitted 1 not a cheap RUBBISH kit there rare as out to come across and missed out on 1 last year was gutted so still looking

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