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Renault 5 GT Turbo / problems getting her started........
« on: 00:26, Tue 17 November 2009 »
I thought it was just the cold weather we've been having but even on milder days its difficult(starting to piss me off!). the last 2 days have been the worst - my battery had no juice left after trying so hard and it needed jumped....on average it takes 5 to 10 mins of trying before it comes to life. once running, it goes fine. I've found that not using the choke or accelerator more reliable. cud it be too much fuel being fed in? also just had a full service, & new distributer cap and leads, im new to the world of 5's so any advice/ suggestions would be great

General Chat / Re: photoshop this pic..
« on: 23:15, Tue 03 November 2009 »
cheers garya.... a true legend. I will have a look soon, it says the site is getting maintenance. thanks again! :D

General Chat / photoshop this pic..
« on: 15:42, Tue 03 November 2009 »
ok, Im thinking of painting my alloys black. Unfortunately I dont have a photo editor to play around with so could someone who knows what to do,  change the colours and re-post their result to let me see what its like, cheers........

Your cars / Re: my 5, my old campus and my winter hack...
« on: 21:18, Mon 26 October 2009 »
stunning car you got there loving it!  maybe one day i will have enough pennies to make my 5 as awesome as some on this site!  anyway, how is the raider going, is that gonna be your next project?

Your cars / Re: my new wheels
« on: 21:24, Sun 25 October 2009 »
Quote from: "garya"
i seen this advertised the car for sale wasnt to far from me i think it was ayrshire,a offerd him a swap for my old saxo but obv he wasnt intrested very nice car though,what mods have been done to it,and how is the car running mate.

yeah your right, it was ayrshire i got it.  its was running good, and pulling fine through the gears, but due to it needing a new gearbox mount i was not really able to push as much as would have liked cos im afraid of causing further damage. but at the tail end of last week the small reservoir tank for the coolant has sprung a leak so, for now she's sitting waiting patiently for renault to get delivery of a new one. sometimes after being left on the driveway for a day or longer, when i try and start it, sometimes it takes ages to get going (especially on cold mornings), the perk fan has been removed, so could this be the cause?
mods that have been done.... stripped interior(not even a stereo) with red roll cage, standard gtt front seats.
i was told the engine was rebuilt last year and done had less than 1k miles since, but i have no proof. i do have a massive folder of reciepts and service history tho, and a lot of k-tec engine components used, so going by the reciepts this the main bits I can find are....
full scorpion 3" exhaust system
induction kit
ktr fast road all round disk brakes
turbo technics stage 2 turbo
GRP A dump valve
BB racing paddle clutch

i was also told its set running a low boost, approx 11psi and 170bhp, but again i have no proof and have doubts. would this figure be possible?
 next up I want to get some chrome replacement engine parts, a front mounted intercooler - anyone selling one?? then off to the rr, and get someone too look at the fueling and see what boost im running

Renault 5 GT Turbo / moving radiator and intercooler
« on: 16:27, Sun 25 October 2009 »
On an old post i seen, a member had the tip of his induction facing forward so you could see the top of the cone from the front grill. I would like to do this as I think this is a great touch and looks mean but im not the most mechanically minded but willing to give the easier things a go  so how easy would it be to move the radiator & intercooler to accommodate my filter, would i need new brackets etc...?

Your cars / my new wheels
« on: 14:43, Sun 25 October 2009 »
Bought this GTT about 5 weeks ago, always wanted one and when i had the chance to get this one....i jumped at it. Not looking to do anything too drastic to it on the outside, I like the basic look. But hoping to make a few engine upgrades along the way but first thing is to get it running sweetly. These are the pics when it was advertised I will upload some of my own soon. what do you think?

Spotted / Was It You? / Re: tungy gt in inverness
« on: 17:23, Sat 24 October 2009 »
I think it could be my gtt that you have seen. only had it for about 5 weeks and haven't seen any other tungy ones with a red cage, i will try and get some pics up if you want.  did you sell your R5 to anyone in inverness?

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