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Renault 5 GT Turbo / gearbox
« on: 00:00, Mon 13 September 2010 »
alright,............. fitted a new gearbox today but we are unable to select any gears now its all back together. When in neutral the car wants to go when you bring the clutch up, we were able to initially get into 1st, 2nd and rev but when you try to move in these gears it just feels like something in the box is jamming! it was impossible to move stick into 3rd, 4th and 5th.
Is there any thing we can try or do you think the box is fubared? .


General Chat / gearbox oil
« on: 00:26, Fri 10 September 2010 »
alrite guys, i was wondering what kind, and how much gearbox oil will be required after the fitting of a new box?

The gearbox is used and was completley drained for transport

thanks in advance

Renault 5 GT Turbo / wont effin start!!!
« on: 22:03, Thu 26 August 2010 »
evening gents,
my 5 has been sat in the garage for 2 months now waitin for me to save enough coin for repairs and mod's before uni starts. delighted as I found out tonight that a guy could do my clutch over the weekend  :D . so went over to the parents to get the ol girl out the garage but she wont effin start!!!
since it was last on the road I've fitted a new fmic and pipework, carb-top, braided oil feed but i have had it idleing, that was about a month ago.
battery has had a good charge, starter motor sounded normal, fuel was getting to carb, checked all ignition leads and battery earths........ but it still wont come to life.
any more things i can check before I get the AA involved?

thanks for lookin

Renault 5 GT Turbo / braided oil feed to turbo
« on: 15:17, Wed 23 June 2010 »
Where do you guys get the braided ones from? I got a slight leak on top of turbo where the oil pipe connects due to it having a 90 degree bend which is resting on the turb and not sealing proper.

Seen them on k-tec for 50 notes and ebay for 30....must be cheaper somewhere!!

General Chat / recognise this?
« on: 12:27, Wed 23 June 2010 »
ebay -item no 170502078475!

Your cars / tungy
« on: 18:00, Fri 18 June 2010 »
with the weather being great I got wired into fitting my cossie fmic in yesterday (thanks dave). it was a little easier than I expected,  it fits pretty well behind the bumper except im needing to shave off a bit on the inside of the air vents so it sits a bit more flush. Would a belt sander be ok for that?? :D

General Chat / which turbo...
« on: 20:48, Thu 17 June 2010 »
alright guys.......  been stripping the car down today to get a fmic plumbed in, anyways, was wondering if anyone had any ideas to what turbo i have

the front of it has m27 a/r .48
not sure if you's need more info than this


General Chat / how much.....................??
« on: 13:47, Tue 15 June 2010 »
im slowly building up a little stock pile of new parts so I called round a few garages today to see how much its gonna cost me to get the clutch and flywheel changed over. The first 2 I spoke to refused point blank to take on the job. Their reasons were:
1) oh the mechanic's doesnt like working on those cars.....a bit too fiddly. WTF?
2) sorry mate, I wont go near those cars. and thats it. - from a garage thats meant to specialise in older cars!

Then I called the local renault dealer.......they will take on the job but for 611!! 10 hours labour and thats at a discounted rate due to the age of the vehicle!

What sort of prices have you's been charged/quoted for this type of work?

General Chat / trouble sending PM
« on: 13:33, Sun 06 June 2010 »
im having difficulty in sending a PM to markey mark, the completed message has just been sitting in my outbox for 3 days and is going no where!!!

any ideas?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / engine noise
« on: 20:44, Tue 20 April 2010 »
alright guys, just a wee question ... my engine is noisey as hell, like an old tractor or diesel transit! - well almost....................... like - tap tap tap  tap tap tap  tap tap tap tap tap tap, i reckon it was like this when i bought it so i think im just becoming more aware of them as im more used to the car and can hear avery squeak/tap that comes from the wee thing, and its fair to say im a little paranoid . im hoping this is just the tappets and nothing major, so was wondering if having the tappets reset would make much of a difference?...or any other suggestions...........

cheers in advance

Renault 5 GT Turbo / t3 actuator
« on: 17:19, Sun 13 December 2009 »
i hope i dont sound like a complete idiot..  anyway i have just got delivery of a nice shiny big t3 actuator to replace the old tatty looking one, with the actuator arm set at the same length as the old one, will I get more boost as it should have a stiffer spring???  also i have a turbo technics stage 2 turbo fitted on my 5, is this the same as a t25?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / problems getting her started........
« on: 00:26, Tue 17 November 2009 »
I thought it was just the cold weather we've been having but even on milder days its difficult(starting to piss me off!). the last 2 days have been the worst - my battery had no juice left after trying so hard and it needed jumped....on average it takes 5 to 10 mins of trying before it comes to life. once running, it goes fine. I've found that not using the choke or accelerator more reliable. cud it be too much fuel being fed in? also just had a full service, & new distributer cap and leads, im new to the world of 5's so any advice/ suggestions would be great

General Chat / photoshop this pic..
« on: 15:42, Tue 03 November 2009 »
ok, Im thinking of painting my alloys black. Unfortunately I dont have a photo editor to play around with so could someone who knows what to do,  change the colours and re-post their result to let me see what its like, cheers........

Renault 5 GT Turbo / moving radiator and intercooler
« on: 16:27, Sun 25 October 2009 »
On an old post i seen, a member had the tip of his induction facing forward so you could see the top of the cone from the front grill. I would like to do this as I think this is a great touch and looks mean but im not the most mechanically minded but willing to give the easier things a go  so how easy would it be to move the radiator & intercooler to accommodate my filter, would i need new brackets etc...?

Your cars / my new wheels
« on: 14:43, Sun 25 October 2009 »
Bought this GTT about 5 weeks ago, always wanted one and when i had the chance to get this one....i jumped at it. Not looking to do anything too drastic to it on the outside, I like the basic look. But hoping to make a few engine upgrades along the way but first thing is to get it running sweetly. These are the pics when it was advertised I will upload some of my own soon. what do you think?

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