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Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 09:26, Sat 17 March 2012 »
That is almost exactly what I am imagining.

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 23:07, Fri 16 March 2012 »
I can picture a bearing in lots of bits sloshing around.

Going to drop the oil , remove the sump and hope like hell nothing hasnt kaput.

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 21:22, Fri 16 March 2012 »
Quote from: "James5"
Quote from: "Brigsy"
The knocking is probably down to the low oil situation before mate..

I am with Brigsy on this matey, damage has already been done :(

<fingers in ears >


Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 21:10, Fri 16 March 2012 »
Technically its now knocking its fucking tits off.

I swear down its the box / clutch / flywheel tho. It really sounds like its coming from there ..

Sounds like something metallic sloshing around ...

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 20:31, Thu 15 March 2012 »
Been fiddling with the car and sealed a few air leaks + tightened all boost pipes up.

It goes like stink.

Knocking like mad tho at 2k and 3k revs only. I swear something is caught on the box ...

General Chat / Re: Classic Car Insurance.
« on: 20:29, Thu 15 March 2012 »
Mine went down !

130 with all my mods declared. 3k miles.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: ONE PIECE DOWN PIPE
« on: 18:35, Tue 13 March 2012 »
Big Jim does them ( or did )

They are ultra rare ..

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 18:22, Mon 05 March 2012 »
Compared to the t2/25 I had on its very , very laggy. Having to get used to the 5500 before it really kicks in !

James , nah , sod it. Its gone quiet and I CBA ! If it grenades ill chuck in a new engine. I never liked this one anyway ..


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: How to remove the dizzy drive gear?
« on: 17:42, Sat 03 March 2012 »
Quote from: "tubbyG"
you need to turn the actual drive-gear CLOCKWISE to remove it from the teeth in the cam, once its free you can wiggle it out with pliers

cue a crafty edit by me ..

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: How to remove the dizzy drive gear?
« on: 23:07, Fri 02 March 2012 »
Get a large flat head screwdriver. Or a pair of needle nose pliers.

Twist the dizzy gear clockwise. It will come up and away from the body.

Check voltages at key points. That will tell you where the leccies have failed.

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 22:24, Fri 02 March 2012 »
I got bored.

I have done some carb jet drilling ( I ignored all advice of do small increments and went LARGE straight away ! :) )

I also bought a nice big t28.

Now running 18psi till I can get it checked for knock. Then I think I will turn the boost upto 11.

Also fitted a FMIC

Engine had a death rattle , but due to low oil. Filled it back up and now its quiet.

I now have the shakes on idle. I think the rear engine mount is goosed.

Ill change it.

How can I still love a car that causes so much heartache ?

Newbies / Re: New guy from Leeds
« on: 18:30, Tue 28 February 2012 »
another northern soul  :D

Whats this "works" concept ?

Looks cracking James. Turbo FTMFW tho !


Go and play over on cliosport or something  :shock:  :D  :arrow:

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