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General Chat / Re: Hi guys and gals
« on: 19:07, Tue 20 February 2018 »
Are people still using the site?.

After some seats front and rear ?
London uk based
Sorry for posting here admin as it seems the last forsale post was forever


Its died a death on here mate :(

Spambots left right and center.

try matey.

Your cars / Re: my raider
« on: 22:42, Mon 06 August 2012 »

You got a f7p + ancillaries to drop into it ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Bigger turbo
« on: 12:05, Mon 04 June 2012 »
I have run t2 , t2.25 , t28 , and VNTs

All about your engine spec , and what boost you want to run as Marky Mark said.

Every turbo has a different characteristic !

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Bigger turbo
« on: 23:48, Sat 02 June 2012 »

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 20:32, Sat 12 May 2012 »
I have the five now boosting at 2500rpm and coming on boost hard.

I also like a spaz managed to hit 28psi. It flew.

For 8 seconds , and I shat me pants and pulled into a bus layby and turned the wick right down !

18 slightly spikey psi later and wheelspin in first is rampant ..

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: good tuners in the north west
« on: 23:32, Fri 11 May 2012 »
Runcorn IIRC

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 19:31, Wed 09 May 2012 »
Originally Posted by andybond
Oh this could be fun.

So undo the nut and change the vane thingy. Rod shorter or longer ?

Originally Posted by James
rod will then go shorter matey turn the hex headed grub screw 2 full turns and then take for a drive and see what does, took me some time to sort mine out at one point I had it hitting full 25psi @ 1500rpm's

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 19:31, Wed 09 May 2012 »
Originally Posted by andybond

Need some more help mate. Got it set at 18psi. AFR are great ( 12.4 TOPS on sustained WOT )

However , I am getting only 1/2 psi +ive pressure until 4000rpm where it climbs to full 18psi.

What am I doing wrong ? Dont get me wrong , its fast , very fast. But its a t28 style delivery.

If I plant my foot at 3000rpm in any gear I just get the +ive 1 to 2 psi of pressure until those magic 4000rpm and then we are off like a scalded cat !

Originally Posted by James
Afr's are to lean for a VNT matey you want to see 11.9 max  It's a safe zone as you may get some spiking turn down the boost so your max afr is as above.
It shouldn't be T28 delivery it should be 500rpm max between no boost and full boost although it maybe laggier in higher gears
ref what is happening did it do this with the 11psi it ran before or is this only as boost has been upped with bleed valve.

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 19:29, Wed 09 May 2012 »
Going to copy and paste the stuff I have fired James way , just incase anyone following this thread puts a VNT on their car.

Originally Posted by andybond
Vnts ! Where have they been all my renault 5 life ?

T2 spool , t3 pull !

2300 rpm it starts to pull hard. 5500rpm its going like a train and no sign of letting off.

This is at 11psi ( first time ! ) boost.

Can I ask you a few questions ?

How do I run more boost ? I have a bleed valve , but I would rather control via actuator. Can of lengthening rod rather than shortening it ?
Can I get the boost to come in lower ? I want popeye forarms from torquesteer!

I seem to have a small leak , like an exhaust leak between the core and the rear housing. Any ideas ?
VNT's are awesome matey best turbo for a 5, glad you like matey you will never go back to a normal turbo now

Originally Posted by James
Control it by Bleed valve matey these are not the same as conventional turbos when you do the rod up it effects the vnt in the wrong way and mess's the vane control.

You can make the boost come in early by undoing the bolt and undo the little hex head grub screw that the actuator arm sit's on this will bring boost in earlier  but you will need to shoten the actuator rod also this could be were thing's all go wrong, personally leave it as it is turn the boost up to say 20 to say 25psi and you will be wheel spinning from the off.

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 21:37, Mon 07 May 2012 »
VNT fitted. Boy oh boy does it go !

PM#d James over on RTOC with 54.6 million questions.

Bet he loves me !

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Clifford alarm/ Starting problems
« on: 18:59, Tue 01 May 2012 »
Mine can be temperamental.

If mine immobilises when I dont expect , leave the ignition on "start" ie twisted but before the started is attempting to turn ( not that it will with the immobiliser on ! ) unplug the +ive on the battery terminal and reconnect,

It should start then

Spotted / Was It You? / Re: Very Clean White GT5 in Rochdale
« on: 18:37, Wed 25 April 2012 »
That could have been Dean on his way back from Scoffs ..

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: smoke
« on: 18:36, Wed 25 April 2012 »
I doubt very much it will be unburnt fuel. It will pop , bang and fart like a good one. AKA a shotgun if it was unburnt.

Sounds like the turbo needs a new seal or two - especially with you saying when it gets hot ( oil is thinnest then )

Your cars / Re: My White 1990 GT
« on: 14:52, Wed 25 April 2012 »
I blame me.

Just like I blame you.

I think we spur each other on and upward.

I get a front mount , Dean wants one.

Dean gets a VNT , I want one ..

Its a dangerous ( and expensive ! ) pattern .

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 08:43, Mon 16 April 2012 »
Literally cannot wait !

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