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General Chat / Re: dont let paypal disputes cost you a fortune
« on: 19:22, Wed 16 November 2011 »
Thanks for the tip. PP can be a bunch of a-holes at times.

General Chat / Re: Anyone Playing Forza 4
« on: 19:18, Wed 16 November 2011 »
Absolutely love Forza 4. I'm not quite sure how they've done it, but it's even better than Forza 3.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wheel Fitment
« on: 14:19, Wed 16 November 2011 »
Hi guys, 'was wondering if anyone can tell me what other cars are compatible with wheels off of a R5 GTT? I'm selling my allows on ebay.


Newbies / Re: Noob
« on: 17:22, Thu 10 February 2011 »
Yes, in her day she looked awesome.

Thanks for the info mate! I really hope he manages to follow it through and get her back on the road. If I had the time and space to weld it up, I would have done it myself, but as it was, it seemed like a better idea to allow someone else who loves the GTT to do it.

Site/Forum/Computers / Re: Thread Approval
« on: 11:50, Thu 10 February 2011 »
Ahh, I must have got lucky!  :mrgreen:

Cool, yeah, that's it... couple more posts and we're there anyway.

Cheers. :)

Site/Forum/Computers / Re: Thread Approval
« on: 11:43, Thu 10 February 2011 »
That must be a recent change due to spamming or something as I've posted "for sale" threads up before.

Okay, no worries, mate. I'll have to get on the off-topic section for a bit. :D

Site/Forum/Computers / Thread Approval
« on: 11:00, Thu 10 February 2011 »
Hi, just wondering how long it takes for a thread to show up on the forum, after it's been approved.

Two of my threads were approved two days ago, but still aren't on the boards.


Newbies / Re: Noob
« on: 22:05, Thu 22 October 2009 »
Looks tidy mate. Do you still have it?


Newbies /
« on: 19:18, Wed 14 October 2009 »
Cheers mate, Euro look is sweet. :)

I'll get a thread up for my project.

Newbies /
« on: 19:02, Mon 05 October 2009 »
Yeah, I actually decided to go with the smooth boot look. Impractical plastic crap had to go. :D

Each to their own I suppose. :)

Newbies /
« on: 18:19, Sun 04 October 2009 »
Hi mate, here's some more pics.....

I've got a new KTR Kombat rear bumper to on with the full twin exit exhaust system to match.

Current engine spec:

KTR - Level 3 gas flowed head.
Uprated head gasket set and bolts.
285 cam.
4 Paddle Clutch.
Lightened Flywheel.
Group A carb.
Competition dump valve.
Induction kit.
In-car boost controller.
Hi output starter motor.
Samco hoses.
GT2560R Turbo with 60trim comp wheel and .64 back end.

Engine is current stripped down ready to fit forged pistons:

Once the engine is up together and fitted, I'll focus on the bodywork..... there's a bit of surface rust coming through so I think I'll repair those areas myself, then wrap the whole car in vinyl (as I won't have the money for full respray).

Vinyl work is something I do at work so it'll be a case of choosing the colour then wrapping it. It'll do until the funds are there to get a repray.


General Chat /
« on: 17:43, Sun 04 October 2009 »
.....Bad for piston rings - compression.

General Chat /
« on: 17:22, Sun 04 October 2009 »
Depending on the car/tune, sometimes you can get away with fitting a small piece of wire/small nail at the end of your tail pipe. As time goes on it heats up and ignites any vapour.

Newbies / Noob
« on: 17:15, Sun 04 October 2009 »
Hey dudes, just happen to stumble upon this site and thought it was well worth registering with.

I'm fairly new to RTOC, but some peeps here may have seen me posting over there.

Currently rebuilding my engine and bringing the old girl back to life.

Long live the 5.


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