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General Chat / Re: my facebook r5 gt turbo group
« on: 22:27, Sat 02 June 2012 »
Number 275! Nice round number that. :-)

General Chat / Re: Text talk/speak & Forum Rules
« on: 23:33, Mon 09 January 2012 »
Quote from: ""
Quote from: "rainey_y2k"
idd ouy onkw ttha as logn sa lal hte lteters form hte wrod rae persnet hte hunam mnid is albe ot undretsand whta ouy rae writngi

the normals have to think about it though disleskis can normaly be found to read it with no problmes and some times quicker than normal writing (sorry)

lol. Glad someone replied. Havent been on in a while. been moving house. nice to be back!

General Chat / Re: anyone in retail? whats my rights?
« on: 00:04, Fri 24 June 2011 »
Did the transaction go through? Has the money been taken from your account?

Your cars / Re: My Project
« on: 00:45, Sun 19 June 2011 »
Can i have one? i have none between one of me! :( trying to find one thats spares or repairs but having a nightmare, got a scrapyard up here with tw 5 turbos in but he wont let me buy one! i said, how much you want for each bit and he said he would get back to me.....guessing he cant bothered (just cant!) add it all up as he hasnt rang me back! hahaha.

Neil off the forum is giving me a decent shell but i have to travel literally to the other end of the country for it and still need bits!  :shock:

So.... Pretty please? promise it is going to a good home! :D

Spotted / Was It You? / Re: 5 turbo on drive way
« on: 00:39, Sun 19 June 2011 »
Hey dont laugh......those xr turbos are rapid mate. Especially the ones with the uprated fuel radiators....... lol

Your cars / Re: My Project
« on: 13:12, Sun 12 June 2011 »
Looking at your pics mate and HOW MANY FIVE HAVE YOU GOT!?!?!? hahahaha im stuggling to find one!

nice build mate.

General Chat / Re: anybody play pokerstars?
« on: 22:58, Fri 10 June 2011 »
So am i the only one or is everyone else too scared of me !? MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :evil:

General Chat / anybody play pokerstars?
« on: 23:51, Mon 06 June 2011 »
if you do, post your username and we can watch out for each other....could even get a forum game going, using the pokerstars home game utility. :-D

Newbies / Re: Christiaan
« on: 23:39, Sun 05 June 2011 »
Nice build brother! Loving those wheels! :D

Your cars / Re: Dimma Track Project
« on: 00:09, Wed 01 June 2011 »
Nice one mate, good luck with the build! What wheels have you put on it? they suit it really well

Site/Forum/Computers / Has the Forum been down?
« on: 00:27, Sat 28 May 2011 »
Had issues getting on here for a few days, wondered if the site had been down.

Also is there an external contact incase we cant access the website? Maybe we should set up a facebook page aswell?

Just a thought.


Newbies / Re: Hello
« on: 16:17, Tue 24 May 2011 »
welcome to the forum! i 2nd that, get some photos up mate! :o)

General Chat / Re: Text talk/speak & Forum Rules
« on: 16:09, Tue 24 May 2011 »
idd ouy onkw ttha as logn sa lal hte lteters form hte wrod rae persnet hte hunam mnid is albe ot undretsand whta ouy rae writngi

Your cars / Re: my black ph2 gtt
« on: 15:55, Tue 24 May 2011 »
Really nice mate. Must admit i like it best without the monster slashes though. really clean example mate.

General Chat / Re: Decided to start racing snails
« on: 16:04, Mon 23 May 2011 »
Nothing like a good double entendre ! haha :D

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