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General Chat / Re: few questions??
« on: 21:03, Sat 02 January 2010 »
where are the pics in the profile? can only see your profile pic? how many live wires are there is it two or three? did you replace them all to the rear?

General Chat / Re: few questions??
« on: 20:52, Sat 02 January 2010 »
is that in your profile? also whats best to connect the live wheres together when extending the live to the rear? used a divding block thats normally used to run multiple amps on a sound system worked ok on  my old astra for the two years i had it, is there anything a bit more suitable? cheers

General Chat / Re: few questions??
« on: 20:37, Sat 02 January 2010 »
ok no probs will have a trowel through members motors maybe

General Chat / Re: few questions??
« on: 20:28, Sat 02 January 2010 »
got any pics fella

Your cars / Re: my new R5 GT Turbo
« on: 20:16, Sat 02 January 2010 »
where those plates on it when you picked it up fella? also please bin the oversized skyline backbox  :lol:  spoils what looks like a very clean 5

General Chat / few questions??
« on: 19:46, Sat 02 January 2010 »
1st up can somebody post up a few pics of header tanks relocated to pass side where  battery lives and what pipe work they have used to get it there, and are these any good as a cheap substitue wideband?? just to give me a rough idea of what the engines going ... 518f6c184b


Your cars / Re: baby blue r5 gtt
« on: 12:28, Thu 24 December 2009 »
scrap yards WIN!

black one is a gt turbo engine complete and 100% original, interior had been pillaged and its been moved about loads so is generally good for nothing  :(

above is a m reg campus absoutly mint or was until they put the forklift through it to put on top of the gtt, shell was 100% mint would of been ideal for a reshell and only

on the clock, no doubt garaged from new by one dithering old women who is now banned from driving due to her eyesight or something

scavanged bonnet and grill plus indicators and now have a standard ph2 front bumper, will be pushing the intercooler in over so it looks more original

what was left of my front bumper after a "freind" took it for a spin hence descision to make it look a bit more original

got a carpet from the campus as mine was a state, after removing old one it revealed some tin worm in drivers side foot well, all sorted now tho and carpet is in, no pics tho  :lol:

other bits salvaged from the campus

original mats
original parcel shelf
various plastics
two boot struts as mine had over spray on
original boot carpet

everything was like new and so easy to get off and immaculate, there were mats covering the genuine mats it was that well looked after lol

will get some pics when snow goes

General Chat / Re: Snow
« on: 12:14, Thu 24 December 2009 »
north yorkshire

^^^???? he asked how long it takes to get up to temp not how long to start  :lol:

General Chat / Re: RTOC is it down or is it just me
« on: 17:34, Wed 02 December 2009 »
just about to post up about this, it seems to be down a lot atm  :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: 5 turbo fueling probs
« on: 16:17, Sat 28 November 2009 »
hi is the relay 6 prong? tried one from a scrappy but no joy, put a 12v+ straight to pump tho and it runs fine???? rules out fuel pump but will try putting the wiring in the relay as you suggested as i may have another duff relay. if that doesnt work what would you suggest from there? cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / 5 turbo fueling probs
« on: 20:22, Fri 27 November 2009 »
hi peeps my 5 turbo wont start, theres a good spark but no fuel getting to the carb, also noticed i cant hear the fuel pump prime when ignition is switched on. whats the best way to test the pump and what else could it be, heard fuel pump relays can be faulty? where is this located and can it be tested? cheers

Your cars / Re: 1986 electric blue RESTORATION project (16/11/2009)
« on: 09:43, Wed 25 November 2009 »
jesus, always thought this car was mint, goes to show its not whats on top that counts

Your cars / Re: my new R5 GT Turbo
« on: 22:24, Mon 23 November 2009 »
very good, whats the damage on that lot? need mine setting up once its back on the road

Your cars / Re: baby blue r5 gtt
« on: 21:59, Mon 23 November 2009 »
well had a weekend at the 5 replacing various bits have replaced with new

wheel bearings to rear

new discs and pads front and back

new steering rack

new trackrod ends

new brake servo (genuine bendix)

new battery

also left my industrial dehumidifier in for a few days took a few litres out of it  :o  so its a bit dryer inside now also cleaned interior as it had gone mouldy from been sat out in the damp for 3 months with no use, have come across a clean non turbo model and am off to scavange a few interior bits off it tomorrow such as carpet and plastics as mine are pretty scabby and clips are broken on most things, also getting the bonnet and grill which are very good condition and standard as i think i will put it too a more original state, now need a front bumper aswell due to my freind smashing it on a rather large drain cover while testing brakes but i think i will use the oppertunity to set the intercooler further in so i dont need to cut the bumper for it to fit and give a more standard sleeper look. also in need of one rear caliper, i did buy two which had been "reconditioned" but were actually completely shagged when they arrived good old ebay!!

to do now is


replace rear caliper

tidy interior with the bits i salvage

get the body work sorted


one day il get it back on the road

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