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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Main Jet QUESTION
« on: 21:21, Sun 12 February 2006 »
Which one of this two types of jets is the main jet  :?:  the big one or the small..

What size will fit when running at 1.1 bar  :?:

10x for the information

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turbo ACTUATORS..and what is the differance
« on: 20:25, Sun 12 February 2006 »
Hi, i looked around and i have found that there are two tipes of actuators putted into the 1,4 Liter Turbo engins of Renault.. Mine is with two houses but  now i have one from Renault 11 1,4 turbo which is with only one.. What is the differance between them.. and which wil be better. I found that the T3 actuators  are more powerful or something...

The turbo actuator  with one house has only the power of the spring?

The turbo actuator with two houses is making a mix of the pressure of the exaust gasses and the pressure produced by the turbo to control the wastegate.

Exaust gasses + turbo pressure are hepling the spring to close faster and better the wastgate.. and at the same time the pressure of the turbo must open the wastegate at a specific moment. But when not having the second house  only the spring is holding the wastegate.

i'm realy mixed-up with all this if anyone can understand me and help me it will be great:)

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 12:57, Sun 12 February 2006 »
:lol:  Thanks for the information.  :P

About the clutch, what are the differances in performance of the GTT ones and the Volvo? (if you know that) :?:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / About Chargers and Clutchs-replacements
« on: 10:32, Sat 11 February 2006 »
Can you tell me what kind of turbo charger will fit best for everyday city driving. Suggestions and Information is appreciated  :lol:

I'm thinking of changing my clutch with a Volvo 440 Turbo's one, but i don't know  what  i'll need.Only the Clutch or the whole KIT.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 20:39, Fri 10 February 2006 »
Goran is absolutly right!!!  Even the GTE AND THE GTT gearboxes are differant... the (diferantial)<-not sure about the correct spelling) is different.. and the speedo is different on the GTT

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 20:29, Fri 10 February 2006 »
I have the same problem, i'm using 195/50/15 wheels and i tested with another car .. when i'm 70 KM/h  actualy i'm doing 100.Twice tested with different cars and once with my g-tech. >>> 30KM/h <<< :shock:

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:34, Sat 10 December 2005 »
You can put a T3 turbine from 21,here we have done it because we don't have hybrids at reasonable price:)  You can do it but the results  with a hybrid will be better;) because the 1400cm3 engin will spin the turbine later..  BYE

Your cars /
« on: 19:14, Sat 10 December 2005 »
hehe no that's amodel from one Magazin in my country. but i know her very very well:) HEHE

Your cars / A R5GTT from Bulgaria
« on: 11:30, Sat 10 December 2005 »
some pix of my car:) Let me know what you think? The car is made only be me.. i mean everything:) (here  we don't have any R5 accessories)

Newbies /
« on: 11:21, Sat 10 December 2005 »
some pix of my car:)

Newbies / HI from Bulgaria:)
« on: 22:02, Fri 09 December 2005 »
Hi, i'm from Bulgaria and i'm 20, i'm a fan of GTTurbos since i was a kid, we have one since 1993 and now  i rebuild and upgrade the car, i'm searching for people with similar interests.. so i'm sure that's the place. i'l try to put some pix of my car as soon az possible.

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