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Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 11:38, Wed 13 April 2011 »
So, work is now underway on the ORB, massive thanks to Tony for coming out and helping getting the engine out, you're a star! Once the engine was out I have gradually started taking bits off poking and prodding to find out what is solid and what is not. Its a complete bodge of repairs in the bay and is not looking good at all, I think this will be a lot more work than expected. Heres the photos i just sent to my welder m8 so they still have comments on them.

Got a bit happy with a pair of pliers in last pic, was a 5p sized hole before. O well, has to go :)

So looks like for starters i need new headlight surround and back panel on drivers side at minimum, maybe the whole thing plus new inner wheel arch panels. Really dont know the proper name of the panels so if someone wants to clue me in be my guest :)
O Mike, get back from holiday!!

Your cars / Re: Dimma Track Project
« on: 09:27, Tue 01 March 2011 »
Remember seeing that one for sale, is it fairly solid? Look forward to seeing it white, that should look mighty sweet!!

Quote from: ""
Quote from: "Kev"
This one yeah?

the side indicator has been moved... right next to the front indicator??

Now that thats been pointed out i cant stop looking at it. Why o why! Nice other than that.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Floor Panel welding
« on: 13:48, Thu 17 February 2011 »
As far as i know its DIY or cut a floor pan out of another 5 if you really need that big a section

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 17:06, Wed 09 February 2011 »
I will try to get to national day but it definitely wont be in my car, like said at start, got to wait for funds before I can start so I wont be putting it back on the road till next year i don't expect. If a surrey meet falls on a different night I will come along to one of them or during summer after gf has finished college year I should make it. Got to just to see James's beast!

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 09:55, Wed 09 February 2011 »
A lot of people used to comment on it when in primer, probably more than now its blue. Another thing added to the list now, fit Koni front shocks (thx Steve) will probably leave it till the engine is out and start hitting everything at once, hopefully with Tony Fisheads help. Your old blue one was nice steve, this blue is MG trophy blue if anyone cares :)

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 13:32, Wed 02 February 2011 »
Thanks for the comments guys, i brought the bonnet with those vents already in from minty off rtoc if memory serves corretly. Was a fair few years ago.
The paint job although DIY was done in a body shop. All prep, rust removal welding and primer was done outside where i lived at the time and final sand down, spray, flat and polish was done in the body shop which my mate works at in a few evenings. Will keep updating but may be a bit slow to start with.
Heres a few i found from when we were doing the exterior
Started as a rusty tungy grey

Multi colour wonder

In primer, liked the look though :)

Cant find the ones that show the rust removal that took place, certainly seen worse since but looked bad at the time :)

Your cars / My ORB
« on: 17:07, Mon 31 January 2011 »
Ok, heres a quick write up of my on and off project for the last 5 and a half years now. I try and get it done in bits and enjoy driving it in between and this year is another work year. Car started as a rusty tungy grey and got resprayed by me and a m8 in 2007.
Couple of shots of the outside which is almost finished.

Bonnet is no where near as good as it looks in photo, has a small crack in the laquer at bottom of vent and alignment has never been great with it (hope thats the bonnet anyway) Have a spare that just needs spraying up.

This years task is sorting the engine bay out, it wasn't resprayed with the rest of the car and is the last bit that desperately need doing as door shuts and all other bits got done with the original spray. Rust is the main reason :(

Will also have to sort this bit out when respraying the bay just to make it more difficult

To go with that its time to put the interior back in, i now have a full interior but some of it isnt good enough to go in, inside was sprayed black when outisde was done blue and i liked having it stripped out for a bit but everytime i see a 5 with a nice interior i want the same. Drvers seat is ragged but passenger is good.
Door card off as window regulator failed

Much more cleaning needed here.

So thats where its at now. Lots done and even more to do :) All comments welcome.

Your cars / Re: my black r5 gtt !
« on: 14:42, Mon 24 January 2011 »
Those seats are the nicest and best fitting (in regard to the rest of the interior and style) I have ever seen in a 5. Lovely car!

Your cars / Re: My Raider... now F7P project...
« on: 17:24, Thu 20 January 2011 »
Good to see something positive, been watching for a while! Looks fairly tight.

General Chat / Re: is there anybody else called baz on here ?
« on: 17:19, Thu 20 January 2011 »
How come new user registration is disabled? Haven't had this problem, just interested.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Petrol low level light threshold
« on: 13:51, Thu 01 April 2010 »
would be good to know how much is meant to be left in main tank for all those that dont have reserve tank any more

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: website stickers
« on: 14:48, Tue 30 March 2010 »
Would be cool to get some small stickers made up to maybe go on the plastic boot strip. look good in bottom right of it i think.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / subframes
« on: 05:52, Sat 20 March 2010 »
hi guys. Looking at some bucket seats but they come with subframes for different car, a vw. Do they just need some holes drilling or will i have to get 5 specific subframes? Thanks

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