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Newbies / Re: Hello from Guernsey!
« on: 20:16, Wed 20 July 2011 »
Hi mate, have you seen this one? :
I personally think it's a bit over priced! :shock:  :lol:

Newbies / Re: Hello
« on: 20:06, Wed 20 July 2011 »
Well, it's been 2 years since I started looking and I have finally bought another GT Turbo! I have seen lots come and go when I was'nt in a position to buy (anyone on here get that 100% original raider off ebay?) but I think I've landed a good one (fingers crossed!). 1988 electric blue :D , standard apart from wheels and spoiler same owner last 10 years, but dry stored for most of those.
I'm off to pick her up on saturday so will post some pics when, or if we make it home! Luckily it's only 180 miles away :shock:  Better ring RAC before sat, just in case :lol:

Newbies / Hello
« on: 22:39, Wed 18 February 2009 »
Hello everyone, I'm Paul and I'm looking into buying another 5 GTT. Way back when these cars were common, mixing it up with Uno turbo's and fiesta RS's I had a tungstone 5. What a great car it was, I spent plenty on it and missed it loads when I sold it, even though I bought a Lancia Integrale!

Unfortunately my wife will not let me buy another Lancia, so I will have to find a sound 5 GTT to scratch my itch!

I was surprised to find a thriving 5 community as this nowadays. I was amember of the R5GTTOC back in the day, which I believe evolved into the RTOC.

I have spent the last 3 years in Megane 225's, buying a new 225 F1 Team which I loved loads. For some strange reason I sold that and bought an astra deisel :?  which is now laid up ion a vauxhall dealer waiting for a part. Just another nail in its coffin. It's going, and I need something fun.

So here I am, looking for info and folk who can help me find a GTT that I can use as everyday transport without the aid of the AA :lol:


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« on: 22:20, Wed 18 February 2009 »
Hello all, I'm Paul and am looking at buying a 5 GTT. Still got to persuade the wife it's a good idea! Well it's gonna be a GTT and a new car for her or she keeps what she has now and I get an Integrale! (not gonna happen :cry: )

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