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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Wishbones
« on: 01:07, Thu 01 November 2012 »
That was what I was thinking. It seems putting gt turbo on your description instantly doubles the value, on any part! I might ask over on rtoc before I splash out though.

General Chat / Renault classic website
« on: 23:45, Tue 30 October 2012 »
Got an email from Renault and it had a link to their new classics web site. Have a look: ... RSEN1012S5

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wishbones
« on: 21:37, Tue 30 October 2012 »
What's the difference between gt turbo and 1.1 engined 5 wishbones? Beside about 40 each on eBay for new ones?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Lower suspension arm. Arrg!
« on: 12:59, Mon 27 August 2012 »
Thanks, I did that in the end! Had an intresting time with a cv boot too :evil:

General Chat / Re: cv joint
« on: 18:52, Sun 26 August 2012 »
Quote from: "5-Mission"
I did this job recently (be prepared to get sriously filthy), the Starlet CV joints might be totally different to the R5's but the 5 has a thing called a starplate and you release the arms by prising them up with a screwdriver and simply pull the stub axle off.

How do you get the star clip back on? 2 out of 3 sides on before it pops off and more swearng is required!

Your cars / Re: finally out of storage
« on: 12:19, Mon 13 August 2012 »
Quote from: "R4223R"
5s now out of the body shop and it looks very nice
will add photos tomorrow
also its going on ebay tomorrow night if anyones interested in it?

We know who wears the trousers in your house then eh!

Looks v nice, shame you couldnt keep it.

Your cars / Re: my raider
« on: 12:13, Mon 13 August 2012 »
Looks like you got the bug proper now then mate!

Always good to see a Raider tyhat doesnt have 'BREAKING' next to it! Save as many as you can fella!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Hose indentification
« on: 11:46, Sun 05 August 2012 »
Try posting a pic of the hose you need help with and someone might be able to tell you where it fits.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Lower suspension arm. Arrg!
« on: 11:45, Sun 05 August 2012 »
Far easier, in there? I'll keep attacking it then. I'll wait till I've had a barney with the wife, that will help!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Lower suspension arm. Arrg!
« on: 17:57, Sat 04 August 2012 »
So I finally started to fix the bits the MOT man siad are shagged and in the process the bolt that holds the front anti roll bar clamp in the arm has sheared off. No biggie, I had it in mind to do a decent overhaul of the suspension while I was replacing the ball joints anyway. So off with the lower arm, nuts off easily enough, but can I get the bolts out? Can I ummers! It seems tha the rubber bushes are not very well and are stuck solid to the bolts! I can only turn the bolts about a quarter turn before it starts pulling the bush with it. Ive tried persuadint it out with a suitable tapping implement but no movement at all. How the hell am I supposed to get the bolts out so I can remove the lower arm?

Your cars / Re: Old Blue.
« on: 11:02, Mon 12 March 2012 »
LOL, I've got the skirt off and the outer sill is solid.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Sunroof removal
« on: 15:01, Sun 11 March 2012 »
Fixed my sunroof. No more wet arse/ head for me :D

Your cars / Re: Old Blue.
« on: 14:56, Sun 11 March 2012 »
Ok so i've had a bit of a better look today. The suspension spring mounting is actually the inner wing where the battery tray bolt is! As the tray was nowt but dust, the rust has gone through around the bolt too.

the subframe mount is actually where the jacking point is joined, but after removing the side skirt some work is needed at the end of the sill/ base of wing, as there is a big hole there!

Hopefully not going to be too expensive to fix. The sill looks pretty ropey too, considering it was done for the mot last year! That will have to wait for next year though when a major rust removal will be the order of the day!

Your cars / Re: Old Blue.
« on: 17:53, Tue 06 March 2012 »
Well, it's a fail I'm afraid. :(  Not as bad as it could have been:

The only problem is the welding bits. This is under where the battery tray was, which had totally rusted away so I moved the battery to the  other side.

There's a small hole at the bottom, but what the hell needs doing to fix that??

The other part is under the car, near the front of the sill, again no idea what it would take to sort it.
The car is now out of ticket so I cant plod about too much for quotes.

Anyone know a good place in Barnsley area that could tackle this for me?

Your cars / Re: Old Blue.
« on: 03:11, Thu 01 March 2012 »
Old Blue has been ignored a bit of late. ok, so I ain't had a good run in her since before xmas! To my great surprise every time I went out to start her she has obliged after a bit of cranking.  MOT is now expired and I was going to leave it until the weather is a bit better, just incase anything needs doing, but I gave in to her charms and she's going in on Monday. Wish us luck!

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