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Your cars /
« on: 21:52, Mon 27 July 2009 »
unfortunately not, i'm going to keep the campus prima look and laugh at tatty scooby people as they are smoked by a 1.4. Aye, Declan owns the fruit of the plum? He's my mums cuz lol

Your cars /
« on: 18:55, Mon 27 July 2009 »
i love your 5, it's definitely up there with the best. strap your engine to a matress and get someone you don't like to catch it when it slides down the stairs

Your cars /
« on: 22:58, Sun 26 July 2009 »
im in crumlin, just outside antrim. Where bouts in tyrone, i have family in plumbridge. I know, parts are scarce, and it's a small fortune to get it posted from england

Newbies /
« on: 10:45, Sun 26 July 2009 »
Awesome project, keep the updates goin. I spot a nice wee roll cage there, wer did you get it?

Your cars /
« on: 01:13, Sun 26 July 2009 »
wer bouts in ireland lad? just gatherin parts at the min,gona sort the chasis then build th engine

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 21:35, Thu 23 July 2009 »
people were saying to me about koni but i've looked evrywhere and i can't find anyone who sells them. Was thinking Spax if i found a cheapish set. I don't like gaz, heard they aren't very good.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Suspension
« on: 19:19, Thu 23 July 2009 »
what's the best coilovers that can be bought for the 5? And also, is it true that the standard exhaust manifold gives more power than the aftermarket tubular one?

Your cars /
« on: 10:41, Wed 03 June 2009 »
awsome car, love the finish, how longs left till it's run in? will it give the evo a run for its money? lol

Your cars /
« on: 01:07, Sat 30 May 2009 »

rust and engine out, just a few pics i didnt get up, pc died an epic death, does anyone know what a good price for a weld and a respray would be, im not too sure what sprt of price a rip off would be?? And i've decided to build a sleeper, a.k.a campus prima with gt engine. bought a set of r19 wheels and a few other bits nd bobs, will update soon enough, slow project, but sure, it'll be finished eventually lol

Your cars /
« on: 18:09, Thu 14 May 2009 »
im not sure if the oe bodykits goin on, im considerin a sleeper, but im not sure yet. boot lid is rusted, bit under both rear windows and a small hole towards the rear of the sill (if any1 is willing to send a boot to ireland please let me know, will make me very happy). Returned from work today with a nice surprise, subbys where in working last week and left more than half a roll of fibreglass, single skinned fibrglass bonet for extra lightness hahahahahahaha

Your cars /
« on: 00:02, Thu 14 May 2009 »
engine out, plastic panels stripped, only the shell left...picked up a set of renault 19 wheels, luvin them, sourced an engine so have to sort a bit of money and find somebody to take me about 400miles to get it lol. Also, does anybody know what a good price for a weld and respray, i was quoted 1500 but i don't know if thats a good price or not (no pics because i gt the pc wiped and lost the disc for the camera so can't upload anything, sorry)

Your cars /
« on: 20:25, Wed 13 May 2009 »
any secrets u wanna share?? im planning a small monster myself, ne advice is welcome, much respect for your own car tho, MINT

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 20:00, Wed 13 May 2009 »
good to know, ive rung 2 of them suspension bolts ffs

Your cars /
« on: 18:01, Thu 30 April 2009 »
awesome, truly awesome, gud luck

Your cars /
« on: 20:42, Mon 20 April 2009 »
is it hard 2 run the car at the power ur at, are there any major problems?? by the way, i love it

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