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« on: 23:47, Tue 13 October 2009 »
WHAT, how is there so many over here, i thought i was the only one who knew about them over here lol. Nice motor by the way

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« on: 17:33, Wed 23 September 2009 »
i think the clio williams suspension goes on the 5 o.k. i.e. whishbones, hubs, driveshafts and the coilovers line up, not sure how well but i'm planning on doing that myself. The rear might be o.k if you use the turbo arches, not sure how wide the clio 16v axil is, but if your not going to use the clio axil give me a shout ;) lol Good luck with the project anyway

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« on: 16:30, Sat 05 September 2009 »
if they stop an evo they shouldnt have any problem stopping a wee 5. To be honest, i have no idea where he gets half his stuff, he has parts for evrything, he even has a clio williams wide track that i'm considdering taking from him. I think hes actually on this site, fatman you call him

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« on: 19:15, Thu 03 September 2009 »
i think they're for a renault 21, bought them off a mate, 238mm and i hope it's enough to stop the car. Sourced a broken evo 6 so as soon as i have the money the discs will be clamped by brembo 4 pots  :D

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« on: 19:12, Thu 03 September 2009 »
Can only really say one thing, MINT

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« on: 12:06, Sat 29 August 2009 »
been doin some shopping

R19 wheels


new wish bones, ball joints and track rod ends

Got the bushes, wisbones and track rod ends from cgb, very good to work with

gt turbo anti-roll bar

and quite an embarasing omp strut brace, got it off ebay and i thought i was putting in a maximum bid but it was actually just a bid, basicly, the guy must have been very happy with his sale fs

picked up some cheap discs which are quite large

and some konis that need a refurb, but didnt cost me too much

that's it for now, few more bits and bobs to get for the suspension and then hopefully i can send it off to my cousin who i just found out is a sprayer and has been for 25 years, so hes my new best friend lol.

General Chat / webers
« on: 16:08, Fri 28 August 2009 »
Has anybody ever heard of webers being run on a 5 turbo? I'm not sure if it would work or not, just exploring options at the minute.

Your cars /
« on: 17:46, Tue 25 August 2009 »
that's quite impressive, how much power have you got, you're car moves through the gears quite quickly there

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« on: 18:05, Sun 09 August 2009 »
would you like to have the RENAULT reference of the French rear lights?
is it well its?
right, or left?

both of them if you can. that would be great if you did that, merci

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« on: 07:55, Fri 07 August 2009 »
very nice job, just restoring it back to new? i like your 5, looks good in your pictures. Just chancing my arm, you wouldn't happen to have a part number for the tail lights? I'm going to the continent and i think french spec rear lights would be a nice touch to my car  :D

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« on: 11:06, Sun 02 August 2009 »
how do you do it?

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« on: 23:06, Fri 31 July 2009 »
bonjour, and welcome

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« on: 16:48, Thu 30 July 2009 »
ya see, nobody can escape the 5

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« on: 20:29, Wed 29 July 2009 »
sweet ride, can't wait to see it finished

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« on: 17:31, Wed 29 July 2009 »

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