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Your cars /
« on: 13:41, Sun 21 December 2008 »
yeah, was gonna get a euro one, but decided that i'd rather have them all red :)

Newbies /
« on: 13:40, Sun 21 December 2008 »
get some pics up jim :)

Your cars /
« on: 18:08, Sat 20 December 2008 »
Quote from: "GTTboost"
I love the colour of your top 5 really suits the car 8) looking good mate!  is that engine advantages rolling road?   nice touch with no reverse light on one side as usual :wink: just wondering.. is there still a white reverse light?

cheers dude, yeah that was at engine advantages at a corsasport rr day lol.

rear lights are completely red, and i unplugged the reverse light as you dont need it for MOT :)

General Chat /
« on: 22:21, Thu 18 December 2008 »
my bro has just bought one, ph1 electric blue 'D' reg

to date, its been spot on, and it his daily drive, mine was until i had it painted a couple of years ago

they get a bad name from chavs who think that all you need is a bleed valve and your away.. then sell em when the blow head gaskets due to misuse.

Your cars /
« on: 22:15, Thu 18 December 2008 »
i'll have to dig out complete spec...

dished pistons
skimmed block and head to increase compression
modified combustion chamber but otherwise std head
balanced pistons, crank, L&b flywheel
std cam
VNT turbo running 14-27psi
TTS downpipe and K-tec side exit
volvo 440 clutch
MSM carb
CTD custom fmic intercooler to my design
CTD hardpipes
SFS hoses
aquamist water/methanol injection
close ratio gearbox from i think a R9 or R11
armtec limiter with flatshift

last dyno day made 217bhp and 256lb/ft torque.... with a std cam, manifold etc. etc.

have a CTM 293degree cam to put in next time she blows lol

General Chat /
« on: 22:06, Thu 18 December 2008 »
i did the 'clio dash' last year, took me a week of graft, and wasn't fun...

when i did mine i had to use the clio column (the pic above still has std one) so had to be welded to bulkhead etc, but it means i got proper stalks and ignition in correct place, also mean that buy using a complete clio lockset i no have a working 'plip in key' key rather than a seperate fob

heater controls were a pig to get working correctly, as they work oppositly to the 5, so had to make new ones up from scratch. the 5 dial cluster does fit however with the clips from the clio one attatched in the correct places

i dont have many pics i'm afraid, but here are the camphone ones of when i was doing it:

fitting in a non 16v dash so i could cut it about to my hearts content:

then its time for the 16v dash, using the 1.2 one as a template:


Your cars /
« on: 21:53, Thu 18 December 2008 »
thought i'd post a few pics of some of the other bits and bobs on it while i'm here

new brakes front and rear:

gauges in cage:

clio dash:

clio dash during lol:

current intercooler:

Newbies /
« on: 21:49, Thu 18 December 2008 »
:) fort i'd do master cyl when head was off, then pipes while i did master cyl, then thought i'd do rear brakes and braided hoses... and it went from there lol

hope to get a few bits done over the winter, mainly gettin the clio dash flocked and seats trimmed :)

Newbies /
« on: 20:51, Thu 18 December 2008 »
thank you!

yeah, got the liner sorted out, whilst i was at it put in a new rad and waterpump, rear calipers, master cyl, brake pipes, handbrake cables etc...

was a pretty expensive blowup lol

all fixed now tho, she runs sweet, but had to put it away for the winter this year so wont see it again till prob about march time now :(

Other Renaults /
« on: 20:28, Thu 18 December 2008 »
could be a smoked head gasket...

check inside the oil cap for 'mushroom soup'

does it pressurise fairly quickly?

Newbies / new boy
« on: 19:36, Thu 18 December 2008 »
new on here...

had 9 5's since i was 17 (7 years)
3 mag features with 2 of my cars

thats about it lol


Your cars /
« on: 18:41, Thu 18 December 2008 »
5k! bloody hell! what do ya do while ya waiting for it to spool?? lol

jokin, what boost ya runnin tho? have you done much internal work?

Your cars / my ginger GT Turbo
« on: 18:29, Thu 18 December 2008 »
my 5

and a pic of my old car...

my current runabout

General Chat /
« on: 18:25, Thu 18 December 2008 »
no worries... amazing what ya find when ya google ya name lol

General Chat /
« on: 14:43, Thu 18 December 2008 »
wheres the pic??

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