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Your cars / Re: my winter job list : UPDATED (a little)
« on: 23:20, Thu 12 May 2011 »
probably about time i did an update:

orange 5: managed to kill it hard about a month ago, so its coming back bigger and better, for 2011 its now got new engine scheme, piper 285cam, vernier and springs, adjusted timing and methanol injection, kevlar 215mm clutch and larger lightened flywheel, port matched head and manifolds, should see around 240bhp which is double standard power, oh and the latest addition.... 325mm hispecs ;)

clio: just a bit of camber, full 172 half leather and that about it

grey gtt: well its now on the road and legal, enjoying blasting about in a turbocharged gokart exactly as it was meant to be :)

r11: the latest addition... watch this space :)

and finally, the ka: well its also on the road and finished, going in for exhaust next week then its just a case of connecting up the gas and away we go :)

Your cars / Re: my winter job list : UPDATED (a little)
« on: 00:52, Tue 19 April 2011 »
bloody hell completely forgot about this site.... update is, it went pop! lol

since last update its had too many changes to list... here are the recent pics....

Your cars / Re: my 5, my old campus and my winter hack...
« on: 02:32, Mon 10 May 2010 »
few more pics of the latest additions:

wheel refurb (after my kerbing FAIL) now have inner rim orange as well

'x' rear cage and removed the 'fake' front half

front fog ducts and canards now fitted

and how it sits at the momento!

but still got this lot to fit

and.... my raider is back on 13's for a while


nearly there! should be running by weekend  :D

Your cars / Re: my 5, my old campus and my winter hack...
« on: 16:38, Tue 27 April 2010 »
hey bud, i run a mix of 70% water 30% methanol in mine, to be honest it actually makes less power with the system on, but it does lower the temp of the intake charge, which reduces det, which makes it safer on big boost if that makes sense.
mine only switches on at 18psi so i dont use it for day to day running

i've got a DDS3 controller as well which is an amazing bit of kit, and if you get an aquamist definately get that to go with it :)

Your cars / Re: my 5, my old campus and my winter hack...
« on: 01:09, Wed 21 April 2010 »
mini update - will be able to post proper pics on sat once i get it back from carrera

its in having wheels redone, carbon canards on front bumper and few bits of paintwork touched up so its minty fresh again

this evening whilst it was in, replaced the rollcage and replace fogs for carbon ducts

Your cars / Re: my 5, my old campus and my winter hack...
« on: 00:43, Wed 14 April 2010 »
sorry for slow reply!!

Quote from: "linni"
mark is that bronze the factory colour of your 5 ?
looks very similar to mine but mines been painted every colour under the sun in its lifetime.
from what i can see in the beginning it was a tungy!
just wondering if you had the colour code for the bronze as ill be needing paint very soon  8)

no its a custom colour, metallic orange with copper and gold pearl

Quote from: "bazr5gtt"
hey markey lovin the carbon mate where did you get that kit from ? i can feel some carbon bits for my 5 and evo :lol:

its a mix of bits from different sources, should have some finished brake ducts in the next week or so :)

Quote from: "jayy.cfg"
hey markey, i was wondering what wheels are on your car atm

none at the mo lol, the are ACE 239's i believe, but they are currently being refurbed for a slight update for this year

james, please dismantle fan from rad and paint the rad satin black  :lol:

Quote from: "hondaman"
this is epic  8)

and close to being finished ;)

that was a long day but alot was done, funny how many times the welder was retired, and then unpacked again.. lol

at least now its 100% rot free... gonna be a beast when its all done..

next stage... ENGINE!

Your cars / Re: my 5, my old campus and my winter hack...
« on: 21:17, Sun 17 January 2010 »
been a while since i've been on here... so some updates:

bought some of this after xmas...

so now have this:

and a couple of work in progress's:

should be some more updates next friday, we've both got the day off and its welding day!

got a sneak preview of james's wheels and light the other day... i'm not going to ruin the suprise, some may love some may hate but personally they are awesome, something fresh and will make his car stand out above all others lol


Your cars / Re: my 5, my old campus and my winter hack...
« on: 12:04, Sat 31 October 2009 »
cheers dude :)

raider is proving to be awesome... been driving it since 1st sept with no real issues or problems, just keeps taking the abuse that i give it.... lol

its not even that bad on fuel! i may have to sell it soon tho as i'm considering changing careers and there will be more travelling involved, hopefully not but i'll have to see how it goes  :?

not going to do much to the raider, its a bit of a work beater so dont want to end up painting it nicely or i'll be in the same boat as my orange one (eg. weekend toy) and i'd have to buy yet another car! lol

Your cars /
« on: 00:30, Sat 17 October 2009 »
like this?

Your cars /
« on: 15:06, Wed 14 October 2009 »
need to update this... but here is the driveway in the mean time...

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