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Your cars /
« on: 13:25, Wed 17 December 2008 »
Quote from: "GTTboost"
Quote from: "dazzleandshine"
this car is still looking sweet, makes me wish i didnt sell mine....

Hey thanks mate..  :wink:  hows you?  I'm really liking the old 5 now... just really good fun to own now its gradually getting to the stage how I want it.. its taken long enough   :)  hope all is good your side  :wink:

Been following this thread for a little while and it's just clicked, you're 182petrolblue arn't you?

Your cars /
« on: 19:16, Mon 15 December 2008 »
Quote from: "Ash-Lee"
Your stuck with Uniroyal Rallyes in the original size, not to bad in the dry but i don't rate them in the wet.

You have more choice with 185/60's.

Don't think it's going to be seeing much rain :)

It will be a garage queen over the winter, i have a Clio Trophy and a daily but i do want to be able to use it to it's full potential as well when i can.

Your cars /
« on: 18:46, Mon 15 December 2008 »
Thanks for the comments everyone although i can't take any credit for the way it looks, that'll be down to the previous owners.
r5gtt08, i'd rather not say, it was quite a lot but with only 14k on the clock i thought it was a fair amount. The original plan had been to get a fairly good one and then rebuild it but after talking to Mark fish about the costs involved(a lot of the work i would have had to have done for me) i thought it would be better to go for this and put my money into keeping it looking as good as it does.
It's totally standard/original and it's going to stay that way, there are a couple of things that need doing, a few chips the battery tray is reverting to it's original state and the ream beam/suspension needs the full rust treatment.
The only thing that i was thinking was a change of wheels, i want to keep the originals with the tyres but i want some stickier rubber, responsible hooning does not appeal on 20 year old rubber :)
Any suggestions anyone?

Your cars /
« on: 17:33, Sat 13 December 2008 »

How about these as well.

Your cars /
« on: 17:29, Sat 13 December 2008 »

Your cars / My 5GTT
« on: 19:18, Fri 12 December 2008 »
Well i was going to post some pics of my gorgeous 5 but tried everything and it still doesn't work :(

And as i can't delete this i'll try again later.

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