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« on: 10:45, Sat 21 February 2009 »

That one has been for sale for a little while now and will remain so as well, thing is he actually says there is rust coming through.................

and then asks for 10k :roll:

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« on: 09:51, Sat 21 February 2009 »
^^That's how much you'd have to pay for mine :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:46, Tue 17 February 2009 »
Hey I bought a mint one, I'm full of admiration for all you guys who even think about taking on and putting right.these cars, not sure I
 could do it.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:02, Tue 17 February 2009 »
Si, I bought it not long ago with very few miles on it. At the moment i'm waiting for the weather to improve so i can get it mot'd and then it'll be a summer"toy" so it'll not be getting too many miles on it though unlike the last few years it'll get used. I'm going to be keeping it totally standard though i shall be getting a spare set of speedlines with some decent rubber on so i can swop when i want to take it out for a play.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 17:22, Tue 17 February 2009 »
:D  Thanks Si. Good for reference if nothing else at the mo. :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 17:13, Tue 17 February 2009 »

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« on: 10:56, Wed 11 February 2009 »
The white one has just been withdrawn from sale by ebay with less than an hour to go, irritating really as it would have been perfect for me :(

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« on: 17:33, Fri 06 February 2009 »
I really feel for you mate, i'v had a bad experience as well but did you not quickly go over the car when you picked it up, i got the ****ers to come out from Banbury to see mine, have you spoken to them yet?

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« on: 17:58, Sat 31 January 2009 »
Wondered when we would get to see some more pics, looking good :)

 I Must resist the urge to mod :lol:

Your cars /
« on: 10:22, Sat 31 January 2009 »
That is a great job :)

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« on: 18:12, Wed 28 January 2009 »
G, you're quite right of course, its just me being some kind of anal perfectionist :) If i had bothered to wire wool it first i probably wouldn't have attempted to get it out. The drain hole underneath is working and from what i can feel by sticking my fingers under the tray it's smooth painted metal. It just would have been easier to do out, especially as the paint has peeled and rust traveled over the edge of the tray but as long as it lifts a little it'll sort fine.

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« on: 09:52, Wed 28 January 2009 »
:)  I'm actually quite envious of your pearl JK.

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« on: 09:17, Wed 28 January 2009 »
I know mate, it's hard :lol:

Just slightly paranoid as i used to have a GTX and in the end the battery was just sitting in the frame it had rusted so bad.

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« on: 19:08, Tue 27 January 2009 »
Tried removing the battery tray this weekend to give it the rust treatment and a new coat of paint, what a mare, the two bolts in the passenger bulkhead have been put in with the nuts actually in the passenger foot well, off with the fuse box to try to find them without much joy, it seems the only way to get to them would be to actually cut out a section of soundproofing as it goes right under the dash, i did think i might be able to pull it down but it wasn't budging.
It turns out it's not actually that bad, this is it after a rub down with some wire wool, i think if i remove the four bolts i can get to i should be able to mask it off to do it in situ unless anyone has any ideas.
BTW that is not a hole in the top right it just looks like it.

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« on: 18:54, Wed 21 January 2009 »
Ok, here they are. A little late and not that great, sorry.

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