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« on: 11:49, Fri 29 May 2009 »
Quote from: "hoolio"
Hmm, I knew I should have got the mot done Tuesday gone rather than leaving it till next week. I think J510 would look good in a mag :-)

Ah just read the original post again and I somehow don't think they'd be interested in my boring old standard ph2 anyway :)

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« on: 00:45, Fri 29 May 2009 »
Hmm, I knew I should have got the mot done Tuesday gone rather than leaving it till next week. I think J510 would look good in a mag :-)

Your cars /
« on: 18:54, Fri 22 May 2009 »
Mmmm nice minty fresh bits.
I was thinking of doing the same with a mixture of new and refurbed parts, what exactly have you had done to get them back to that condition?

Your cars /
« on: 16:52, Tue 31 March 2009 »
Quote from: "GTTboost"
Quote from: "BriC"
Quote from: "GTTboost"
Quote from: "BriC"
Where did you get the gator from? I need one.

I got it on ebay :)

Link? :)

Tell him what you want...colour/material/logo's..  and he will make it for you.  Think it was 25 delivered. Very nice work, I got my last one from him as well.. nice quality.

Think i may be giving him a shout as well, mines  a bit like an old bit of cardboard now.

Your cars /
« on: 21:14, Tue 17 March 2009 »
Hey its your car, what are you plans?

Your cars /
« on: 19:09, Tue 17 March 2009 »
Only if you don't chav it up, it's possible to really tastefully mod a car without changing its appearance, check out GTTboost's beaut.

Your cars /
« on: 16:51, Tue 17 March 2009 »
Just don't get me started :evil:

Your cars /
« on: 23:03, Tue 03 March 2009 »
Yeah there has been much nashing of teeth, don't understand the problem, he wants to sell I want to buy. Just about given up on them which is irritating as I would have gone in stronger on those 3 and have also turned down another set. Ho hum. I do like the silver as well which is why the second set is the perfect option, best of both worldf.

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« on: 19:09, Tue 03 March 2009 »
Looking good G, they made up my mind for me although i want to try to get a slightly darker shade than those, i think the white will stand it.

Your cars /
« on: 19:05, Tue 03 March 2009 »
Thanks for all the kind comments again, well i kinda knew all along, i think i'll be going for the anthracite with the polished lip. As mentioned i think the colour above is not quite right, i'd like a slightly darker shade than the colour GTT sprayed his. Just need to source a decent set of rims now, am waiting on some but i'm on the point of giving up.

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« on: 12:55, Sat 28 February 2009 »
Quote from: "Ash-Lee"
I was waiting for the beading shot! :D

The "money shot" to all us detailing nerds :)

Sy you didn't reply to the pm, do you still want those pics?

General Chat /
« on: 16:17, Fri 27 February 2009 »
There is a Frix on RTOC though i'm not sure you will be able to pm him without being a member.

Spotted / Was It You? / Pearlescent white
« on: 10:09, Fri 27 February 2009 »
White Pearl ph1 G***VVW spotted in Wallingford eve of 26-2, wasn't me but from the pics it looks pretty nice :)

Your cars /
« on: 17:58, Thu 26 February 2009 »
I got a friend to knock up these for me on photoshop to give me an idea of what the wheels might look like with different colours.
Hope i don't get too panned for this, but i want to stress this will be for my spare set of wheels, i will be keeping the rims with the Michelin MXV's on.

there were a few like these :shock:

Think i know what i'll be doing, what about you?

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« on: 23:26, Sat 21 February 2009 »
Oops looks like I paid too much for mine then. ;-)

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