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General Chat / recon turbos
« on: 12:28, Thu 30 October 2008 »
iv read the stiicky in the forsale section selling brand new ones but does anyknow know anywhere that sells recon t25s?

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 11:16, Thu 30 October 2008 »
hi again, bit of and update.........pulled the head off last nigh pistons and bores look very nice and smooth! well happy with that there seems to be alot of play in the turbo i also noticed the turbo wasnt fitted securly looks like its been off since the headgasket maby removed and swapped for an older one? im not sure i think im going to buy a new one save me been dispointed when i her back together.

just read the FAQ's some great info!

this is what im aimng for now

strapped intercooler/alloy replacement
18psi max (approx 160-180bhp)
re-jetted carb
uprated fuel pump
uprated clutch (volvo, green box valeo from GSF)
uprated headgasket

she already has an exhaust and cone filter. i have a spare cossie intercooler and have orderd the for the clutch ill wait for the one init to give up before i uprated it.

how much do t25s cost? are they all the same? ie can you use a t25 from a diffrent car?

the onlt thing concerning me now is getting the carb re jetted i dont fancy drilling it myself as i have no clue what im doing! is there anywhere i can take it get get it set up propely in the birmingham area?

ill get some pics up 2night gave her a quick clean and she comes up v nice!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Just bought a gt turbo
« on: 15:58, Wed 29 October 2008 »
hi i spotted a cheap gt turbo for sale near me for 600 need a headgasket  but the body is mint! wouldent normaly touch a car with a claimed hg failer as you never know what else is wrong also but the body is seriosly mint and for 600 i thought m having that!

just got her home never owd one of theese babys but my older bro had one in the early 90s i remeber is been stonkingly quick.

few questions...

1: how much bhp can the standard bottom end take?

2: how much psi can the standard turbo boost up too?

3: how much bhp can the standard carb fuel up too?

3: so long as it is just the head gasket i need, im ordering an uprated headgasket. with an uprated head gasket and alloy intercooler how much psi can i run with standard turbo and carb and what poower isit likley to produce?

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