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General Chat / Re: how old are we all???????
« on: 20:53, Wed 02 February 2011 »
31.... 32 in April

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Where to get steering column bush from?
« on: 19:25, Fri 08 October 2010 »
Why does know person think of dealerships?? ALways shitty eBay first??? Gets up my goat....

I sold some side mouldings the other day on another forum, the guy messaged me a few days later saying a few clips had broke, no worries he told me. He bought some from eBay, bag of 10 clips for like 7 posted.  :roll:

I sent him a message back saying, when I had bought the mouldings a few months back, some of the clips were broken. I went down my local BMW dealership, 28 pence each for the clips and I could buy them individully. I bought three.....

Moral of the story, as I keep posting on here and on all forums I frequent.... Go to the dealership first, ask if still available and if the answer is yes ASK how much. Then when you go looking on eBay or any other source of parts buying place, you KNOW how much the item is worth.

Case in point being the side stickers on the Renault 5 GT Turbo. 80 for a set new from the dealership and yes they are still available, yet they sell for silly money from eBay or a specialists

Please please please people, check the dealerships FIRST!!!  :mrgreen:

Rant over  :arrow:

General Chat / Re: may sound a sily qestion but i need help
« on: 00:51, Sun 19 September 2010 »
Now thats nice to know, so you can pull the head off and on as much as you like with a few tools!   :mrgreen:

General Chat / Re: Is this anybody's on here......
« on: 22:51, Sat 18 September 2010 »
sod off...... Fat fingers lmao  :twisted:


General Chat / Re: Can you guys shed any light?
« on: 13:34, Sat 18 September 2010 »
Everyone loves beer and curry  :mrgreen:

General Chat / Re: Is this anybody's on here......
« on: 13:26, Sat 18 September 2010 »
Hope not, as the gammer and spelling is terrible  :shock: I wouldn't buy a car from somebody who couldn't spell 'few' or 'with'

General Chat / Re: Can you drive a car with a door missing
« on: 19:15, Fri 10 September 2010 »
But if you removed your seatbelts, the car would fail an MOT  :roll:

Spotted / Was It You? / Re: G833UAP
« on: 22:49, Sun 05 September 2010 »
I gave up posting about them now, as I see two/three different ones a day tbh  :shock:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Neighbors
« on: 22:51, Sun 08 August 2010 »
Neighbours pal, we isn't American.....  :wink:

I'm no expert, but round with no thread sounds like a pop rivet to me pal.... Just drill them out, fit new battery tray with new pop rivets!  :mrgreen:

« on: 20:40, Thu 05 August 2010 »
Report him to eBay, showing them the email and also give him a NEG  :evil:

Site/Forum/Computers / Re: Site down for a couple of days??!
« on: 22:07, Sun 18 July 2010 »
Who is in charge of this website....??

General Chat / Re: best fabric for covering door cards
« on: 20:47, Wed 14 July 2010 »
Cheap primark black t-shirts

Site/Forum/Computers / Re: Site down for a couple of days??!
« on: 20:46, Wed 14 July 2010 »
It seems to be happening more and more....

General Chat / Re:
« on: 19:23, Sat 10 July 2010 »
Maybe, but always phone the main dealership first.... So you know what price they are BRAND NEW  :mrgreen:

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